Our community's
most affordable cremations & burials
Caring for Northwest Washington since 1983

Your Affordable Funeral Home & Cremation Service

$495 - Basic Cremation ~ Our "Always Lowest" Price Using Online Arranger

$595 - BasicPlus Cremation ~ Using Other Convenient Arrangement Options

$995 - Cremation & DIY Memorial Package

$1395 - Basic Burial Package With Casket Included

We are available 24/7 at 360.734.7073 for urgent questions or to take care of a person who has passed away. No forms, payment, or prior contact are required. We encourage simple advanced planning. See the Arrange Now tab to make arrangements.

We Believe...

- Every person is unique - their life and death deserves dignity and respect.  We give you the best price for your essential needs, and empower you to create the rest of your memorial experience.
- Caring for a loved one's death can be meaningful and appropriate while remaining affordable.
- We help create healthy communities by advocating for the deceased and their families. We empower people - with education, memorial guides, and partnerships with other community organizations. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships between our care team and the people in NW Washington.

What Makes Us Different

We are the community's affordable funeral home; for 27 years we've provided alternative cremations and burials that are creative, compassionate, and caring. Unlike cremation societies or corporately owned providers, we are locally and independently owned. We began in 1983 as Whatcom Cremation Society and our tradition of simplicity and affordability continues today as Whatcom Cremation & Funeral. Our options are priced to allow you to choose what you need from us and nothing more. We'll guide you through our innovative "do-it-yourself" approach for creative life celebrations and funerals. This flexibility, combined with our low-overhead operations and direct-to-crematory care give you the best value in a relaxed, informal manner...an inexpensive funeral home with our promise of integrity, personalization, and thoughtfulness.

More About Us

Providing Regional Care - We are a regional provider focused on serving four counties in N.W. Washington and are licensed to make arrangements for the whole state of Washington.

Online Resource Library -We provide free downloads of educational materials and links to important resources for you to help you in your time of need.

"High Tech AND High Touch"-We use technology to ease the process of funeral arrangements and to be efficient, but not in a way that depersonalizes our time together. We call this "High-Tech AND High Touch"; using technology to help you complete legal matters, make purchases, and bring your family and friends together with us rather then being just another impersonal internet transaction.

Local & Family Owned-We are a local, independently owned family business that has been in the community since 1983. We have the strength and flexibility to respond personally to you, and not take our direction from a corporation or as the "second door" to another funeral home.

Family Directed Arrangements -We strive to be informal but respectful. Your time with us is an opportunity for us to learn, listen, and make you feel as comfortable as possible. We never want you to feel pressured to purchase something you don't need or want. We believe in a family-directed model for memorials; providing consulting, resources, and referrals so that you save the cost of hiring a memorial event team. This doesn't mean that you can't have a viewing, graveside service, military honors, reception, church service, or celebration of life. Instead it simply means that we collaborate WITH you rather than doing it FOR you.

We Give Back to Our Community - We set aside a portion of our revenue to contribute to causes in our community that support families and individuals in times of need.  We are also contributing members to the Funeral Consumers Alliance.