Christopher John Nitti

Christopher John Nitti was born January 12, 1977 to Vincent J. Nitti, Jr. and Beverly Donatucci Nitti in Lake City, Ohio. He passed away unexpectedly on August 28, 2023 in Bellingham, WA. He was pre-deceased by his father Vincent. He is survived by his loving mother, Beverly, his sisters, Teresa, and Elisabeth, his nephew, Zac, his loving companion, Amy Butcher, and her children, Aiden and Ava. Christopher was a gifted child and excelled in academics and music.  He graduated from the college preparatory school, Norfolk Academy in Virginia Beach, VA  and graduated from Rollins college in Orlando,  FL having received a full scholarship. He earned two masters degrees from Edinboro University  in northwestern Pennsylvania.  He was a Latin scholar and an entymologist.  He taught in middle and high school.  From the age of five he learned computer technology. In 2010 he completed the Appalachian Trail.

His most recent employment was to manage all computer systems of the Hoquiam, WA school district. He brought the most modern technology to the school district and fostered growth. Students and teachers alike  appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to help in any circumstance and his ability to solve complex problems.  He gave students opportunities to grow and demonstrate their potential.  

Chris was a maker of magic. An inspiration to his colleagues and students. He played multiple instruments, sharing his gifts with anyone he crossed paths with. Over his educational career Chris wrote many grants for the forward movement of technology and inclusion in school for students and staff. He brought in over a million dollars in grants throughout his career. 

Chris had many many talents. But his passion was people. He was patient, kind, understanding and willing to show how important their thoughts and words were. He lived everyday exceptionally! His positivity, abilities and generosity of spirit will be missed by many. 


From June

Chris was an interesting guy. I’m glad I met him. I enjoyed his talk about the AT when he came to book club. He was a great guy and will be missed by many.

Sep 01, 2023

From David E Burgio

So sorry for your loss!

Sep 01, 2023

From Marge Burgio

Christopher was a wonderful, gifted person!! This is such sad news! We are praying for him, Beverly, Teresa Joy & Elisabeth plus the whole family! May God comfort & bless you at this very difficult time! I’m here for you…Love, cousin Marge

Sep 01, 2023

From Josh Hoover

Chris was brilliant and passionate about his students and the world. He made for great conversations over a pint. He will be missed both as talented educator and a friend. Rest in peace my friend.

Sep 01, 2023

From Angela Fotkum

Chris was an outside-the-box thinker and for that, he was appreciated by many. He was a loyal friend, compassionate colleague and an inspiring teacher. His uniqueness and talents will be missed along with infectious enthusiasm. Rest easy my friend.

Sep 01, 2023

From Arla K Foster

We met Chris in 2010 when he found our unofficial hostel on the AT. We have loved him from then and he will always be in our hearts and memories.
Chris helped me so much when my son was dying and then he came to create a surprise birthday party for Josh, who always aspired to be Food Network.
This is such a huge loss to family, friends, and the planet.

Sep 02, 2023

From Lisa Myers

We met Chris aka the Food Network while hiking the AT. We had several conversations about working in education. This is so sad. Condolences to his family

Sep 02, 2023

From suzanne strayhorn

I am so thankful to have meet Chris on the AT and to have known him for 13 years. He was so kind and always brought a smile to my face. Even to this day, i cherish the time i spent with him. He was amazing in every way!

Sep 02, 2023

From Jay Schnoor

Chris was one of the most special, interesting, and dedicated educators I have met. Chris and I met 2 years ago and had many discussions about the future of education! I speak for the whole team at VEDX- we will miss you Chris Nitti - you were a true inspiration to us!

Sep 04, 2023

From James McClure

Food network was one of my favorite hikers on my 2010 AT hike. Being 18, I was wary of most folks on and off trail. Starting alone and being less mature made it difficult at times. When I spent time with him at trail days and on/off/around the trail he was so colorful and friendly. Just a kind, funny, strong hiker that made me feel at ease. Rest in peace brother , I hope I can find some photos of us somewhere. I’ll see you up the trail.
Hand me down
AT 2010-2011, 2013. PCT 2014 CDT.

Sep 04, 2023

From Joshua jones

Cris was a great teacher we all miss him he was the joy of his colleagues and students alike! He doesn’t deserve death is students just talked about him and everything we all said we all agree we miss him it’s terrible having so see such a great honest and brilliant teacher be found dead unexpectedly sorry for your loss

Sep 06, 2023

From Joni R Sherman

So sorry for such a tragic loss of a magnificent person. Rest In Peace my friend!

Sep 10, 2023

From Vivia Kay

I don’t even have the words to express the impact Chris made on me. The brightest of spirits, he lived life with both hands, bright eyes, and a heart too big for this world. I pray he has found the peace the world did not give him.

Sep 13, 2023

From Juan Ramirez

Rest in peace to the goat he was a great guy.

Oct 19, 2023

From Conner Stegul

Rest in peace to my favorite teacher he was a super awesome guy and I'm glad that I was taught by him. Rest in peace to this great man!

Oct 19, 2023

From Katherine Hague

Truly at the top of my list for favorite teachers. I spoke so highly of this guy. Really just broke my heart to hear about this, life is so unfair. My heart goes out to his loved ones and those who loved him. He will forever have a special place in my heart. RIP Mr. Nitti.

Oct 19, 2023

From The Grandmaster

Does this mean he's going to miss the training lessons. 😭😭😭

Oct 22, 2023

From Nik Etes

Rest in peice to the goat, was a real one, miss his 6th grace technology

Oct 30, 2023

From Jeremy Robinson

Yo real talk I cryin rn🍕

Oct 30, 2023

From Isaak Perry

He will always be an uncle to me I’m so sad to see him pass under these circumstances rest in peace uncle I love you

Oct 30, 2023

From Jermiah Bethingham

I really miss him i wish i could be with him in Mexico or wherever he is

Oct 30, 2023

From Cherie S

Chris opened our local magnet academy as the IT instructor and my daughter was in the first class. He was THE perfect person for those kids. He totally got them. They were SO excited to be in his class. He graciously accompanied her on the piano for MPAs and was so concerned when she messed up her piano MPA-I told him it was ok if she failed at something. Gifted kids needed to learn to fail. He did not understand. He had a heart of gold but the world short-changed him as it did so many who are so gifted in this day and age. Thank you so much for giving my child so much. We think of you often as her job involves a computer and creativity daily now. Your legacy will live on through every single one of the kids. You made a huge difference. I wish you had seen that. I thank you for your friendship as only third culture kids could understand. Fly high my friend.

Jan 04, 2024

From Beverly

On this day, Chris, January 12, 2024 you would have been 47 years old. You are in my heart and on my mind all day. As I have read these lovely comments from all of your friends, my heart has been lifted. I know you are remembered and cherished by so many. I love you always. You are mom.

Jan 12, 2024

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