Douglas and Jane Beer

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of Douglas and Jane Beer.  Douglas passed January 12th 2023 and Jane passed June 7th 2023.  Douglas was born March 31st 1936 to Robert Beer and Olivia Moore (Beer) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Jane was born April 20th, 1939 to Percy Albert Shaw and Lily Smith (Shaw) in Derby, England.   

Douglas and Jane were married on November 15th, 1958 in Belleville, Ontario and enjoyed a happy marriage of 65 years until their passing.  Douglas and Jane are the proud parents of Ian Beer (b. 1965, d. 2011) and Cliften Beer (b. 1967) and are survived by Cliften.   They are also the proud grandparents of Summer Beer (b. 2005), Maxwell Beer (b. 2006), Sydney Beer (b. 2008) and Nova Beer (b. 2008).

Douglas attended the University of New Brunswick and was a successful engineer and businessman holding a number of important patents.  Jane attended secondary school in Derby, England and received a scholarship to Cambridge University, England.  She worked for Rolls Royce in Derby where she met Douglas.  Jane was a degreed accountant.

Over the course of their 65 year marriage Douglas and Jane lived in Canada, England and finally in the U.S.  Douglas was a championship sailor and avid paraglider with a keen interest in sports cars as well.  Jane was a master gardener and created beauty in nature wherever she went.  Douglas and Jane are cherished dearly and will be missed by many including their children and grandchildren.     

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