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Kevin Mark Rosenthal, known to some as Mystic Rose, passed away on June 22, 2023, at 9:08 PM, in his self-proclaimed hometown of Bellingham, Washington. 

Kevin was born to Jerry and Dorothy Rosenthal in Miami, Florida on March 24, 1966. Kevin would go on to grow up in Miami and go on crazy adventures with his friends, who all have amazing stories to tell involving his antics. In 1990, he would meet Maleah Brock, whom he would marry in 1993. Kevin is survived by his four sons: Tyler, Kyle, Mitchel, and Nathaniel, his daughter Dory, his ex-wife Maleah, his grandson Jayce and granddaughter Jaylee, his brother Randy, and his niece, nephews, and cousins. 

Kevin was known by many as a hilarious and eccentric man with thousands of tales to tell. He would often keep the caregivers that cared for him at his assisted living facility entertained with stories of his childhood, his teenage escapades, and embarrassing, yet loving, stories of his children. He loved to cook, even when his eyesight failed him. He found ways of cooking that didn’t require him to see very well, or sometimes at all. He often praised the use of a slow cooker. His favorite meal was Baked Spaghetti, so much so that he begged to have it when he returned to Washington. A request his son Tyler and his fiancee were happy to oblige. Kevin enjoyed what he would consider “the finer things in life,” which mostly consisted of Coca-Cola, lots of coffee, and weed. He would almost always be carrying one of these in his hand.

Kevin loved his family, and would often brag about his children and grandchildren. He was proud of the people that his children had become, and the successes they achieved in their lives, and how excited he was to see how his grandchildren would grow. Kevin's children and grandchildren were often the topic of conversation to his friends and the staff at the assisted living facilities he had lived at over the years. Kevin loved his grandchildren, Jayce and Jaylee more than anything, and was excited to have a chance to live with them, play with them, and spoil them. He would often talk about how sweet and loving they are, and how adorable they are. Kevin frequently shared pictures of himself with his grandchildren with as many family and friends as he could. He spoke of his children and grandchildren and how much he loved them so often that if one of them were to introduce themselves to one of his friends or caregivers, they would be ecstatic to meet them. 

In his later years, after seeking out help from a therapist, he began to express himself much more. He would wear nail polish to express his moods and his thoughts, he made bracelets to express his creativity, and he listened to his favorite audiobooks on full volume for everyone to hear, at all hours of the day. His favorite colors, which he wore often, were Purple and Blue. His favorite genre of books was Science Fiction, usually stories about space travel. He would also wear clothing items with cats on them. Cats were his favorite animal, and he always had a way of bonding with cats almost immediately. It was as if his soul could connect with theirs as soon as they met. It was amazing to see. 

Kevin was a man who could leave a long-lasting impression on a person. He believed that if someone brought up his name, and they laughed and smiled when thinking of him, and were happy to have met him, if even for a moment, then he would be the happiest person in the world. To him, it meant he left them better than when he found them. To him, it meant he was a moment of happiness and joy to them, and he was thrilled that he could leave that kind of impression. 

Kevin Mark Rosenthal, a brilliant and well loved man, will be greatly missed by his friends, his family, and everyone whose lives he has ever touched.


From Richard Foster

Miss and loved you my brother.

Jul 17, 2023

From Tona Bell

Kevvers will always be a cat loving legend to me. Best brother-in-law and kindest heart. Miss you. Your SIL forever.

Jul 18, 2023

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