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We have several easy-to-ready guides based on frequently requested information formatted as PDF's for easy downloading and printing; call or email us for more details.  See links below for helpful resources followed by some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Read FAQ's Below or Download as a PDF)

Why Choose Us?

"We believe every person is unique and their life and death deserve dignity and respect.  We offer the best price for your essential needs, and then empower you to create and provide the rest of your memorial experience."

Q1: I just want a low price basic cremation or burial without a memorial service; how much will it cost?

We currently have complete cremations from $1095 and complete burials from $2295. Our price is updated quarterly based on research of local alternative funeral providers.  Our goal is to have a price that is EQUAL to the non-profit cremation rate set by Peoples Memorial Association for the Northwest.

Q2: What is included in the complete basic cremation or burial price? Are there other costs?

The basic cremation or burial includes transferring your loved one to our secure local facility, holding them till the burial or cremation, notifying Social Security, filing the death certificate and permit, courtesy obituary assistance, basic cremation container or casket, cremation or burial event, and a basic urn for cremations.  Please ask us for further details.

Q3: How can you serve a family well at these prices when others charge two or three times these amounts?

We focus on simpler options and help you create your own memorial experience, eliminating the costs of a large staff, chapel, vehicles, etc.  We are a fully licensed local family business and take pride in being efficient without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Q4. How do we tell you about a death? When should we call you? Are you available any time?

We are available 24 hours day, 7 days a week at 360-734-7073. We don’t need paperwork in advance, although we do suggest it. When a death occurs, we will decide together the best time to transfer someone into our care. It is good to give caregivers our number too.

Q5. Where will you take my family member? How is the transfer done? Can I see them again?

We carefully transfer your loved one of our temperature controlled facility in Bellingham, WA while we wait for a permit to perform the cremation. We use an adjustable covered cot with wheels which we load into an unmarked mini-van. We can make arrangements for viewing at a later time.

Q6. What happens next? Do I meet with someone at your office and what happens at that meeting?

You always have personal attention from our staff. We make arrangements in the next few days following a death either in person, or via phone, fax, email, and video-conference. We answer all your questions, and guide you through your decisions; obituaries, merchandise, death certificates, memorial gatherings, veterans benefits, and cemetery details. We also finalize paperwork and complete the financial arrangements.

Q7. When does the cremation or burial happen? How long does it take to get ashes/cremains back?

Cremations or burials are scheduled when all authorizations and a death certificate are approved. It normally takes 6-10 days after a death to receive the cremated remains or about a week from the time of death to a burial.

Q8. What paperwork is required for a cremation or burial? Who can sign the cremation authorization?

We don’t need paperwork or payment in advance, although we do suggest it. The forms can be printed from our website or you may use our online arrangement system. Cremations and burials require written authorizations following specific laws. The cremation authorization can be signed by a person on their own behalf or someone with power-of-attorney prior to death. After death it must be signed by certain family members or an executor. A staff member will help you determine which options is best.

Q9. How do I get death certificates? How many do I need?

Certified death certificates are available approximately one week after death and cost $25 each which is the price we pay for each copy from the state of WA - we do not mark them up. On average you may need 1-5, but we can help you decide how many you need at first, and we can order more for you at any point in the future.  In certain cases you might not need any, and the most you would most likely need is around 10.

Q10. How and when do we pay you? Can I pay in advance for what we will need?

We request payment only after we have signed a contract with you. We can estimate future costs and help you set aside those funds for final expenses. We can also accept pre-paid funeral plan funds that you have set up in the past, regardless of where that was done.

What if I have more questions? How do we contact you? Where can we meet with you?

Your questions are important and you are always welcome to contact us for yourself, a friend, or a family member. We can meet you at our office or another location that is suitable for you.

Serving our neighbors to the south in Skagit County with our same affordable care and pricing. See more details here: Funeral Services for Skagit County, Washington