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Simple Pricing With Our Price Integrity Promise

$895 - Basic Cremation ~ Arrange Online, By Phone, or In-Person

$1795 - Basic Burial Package With Casket Included

**March 2020 - Temporary Cost Advisory** Additional costs and wait time for COVID-19 patients because of specialized handling, transport, and crematory location may apply.  Please contact us for details** 

Download Our Simplified Price List  for All Services and Merchandise We Provide

Our basic cremation is COMPLETE and includes any type of arrangement conference, 24/7 pick up, holding a person in the required refrigeration facility, filing the death certificate, notifying social security, required container/tray for a person to be cremated in, TSA approved travel urn, and all taxes.

We also provide additional services as needed; viewings, cemetery assistance, burials, planning consultations, urns, and grave markers. A full price list is available at your request.

Caring for a loved one's death can be meaningful AND affordable.  Our basic cremation price matches the non-profit (Peoples Memorial) rate for NW Washington. With our PRICE INTEGRITY PROMISE we advocate for those in need by...

                 - Offering cost saving suggestions for any kind of memorial
                 - Never pressuring you to purchase a service or product you don't need or want
                 - Surveying pricing in our region to help you make an informed decision. 
                 - Helping you receive a refund if you already prepaid for something more expensive
                 - Treating people equally-not quoting or advertising different prices to different people
                 - Always seeking to empower and comfort, rather than confuse, pressure, or intimidate

** Sample Basic Cremation Pricing - Alternative Providers In Our Region

Neptune Society - $2084
Sig's Alternative Funeral - $995
Peoples Memorial Association (Non-Profit) - $850
Donovans Funeral and Cremation Service (Skagit) - $895
Bellingham Cremation (Westford) - $1795
Smart Cremation - $2200


Affordable Pricing AND The Care We Give

In the 21st century digital age, people are making purchases much differently then ever before. Wise consumers know that "When all things are equal, the deciding criteria is always PRICE". This is most true when purchasing a PRODUCT like a car, or a cell phone, and why we clearly publish our basic cremation price with our Price Integrity Promise. Buying a SERVICE is a more challenging comparison; and you'll want to remember that along with the "product" of a cremation or burial, you are purchasing the care, support, and commitment of our staff.  If you call or visit funeral homes, you will quickly see, hear, and feel a difference in how you are cared for. In other words, "All things are NOT equal" and price should not be your ONLY deciding factor. We encourage you take the time to ask detailed questions of any provider, do your own research, and choose what feels right for you. Our answer to ALL of these important questions below is...YES!.

                 - Have they been in business for longer than five years?
                 - Is their basic cremation price published on their website?
                 - Are there local staff and a place where you can visit with them in-person?
                 - Can you make your arrangements online and sign documents electronically?
                 - Is this company operated independently from a traditional, full-service funeral home?
                 - Will they offer you cost reduction advice?
                 - Do they have written guides to help you create your own memorial experience?

(**prices based on an independent survey - we encourage you to verify and do your own research)