"I called every local
company and you were the one that we felt
was right for us."
- April M.

Urns, Markers, Keepsakes and Other Merchandise

Come see our display room or ask us about urns, grave markers, and other merchandise at better-than-internet prices; we are pleased to provide good quality funeral merchandise to your family that you can view and handle prior to purchasing.

Some of our catalogs and product offerings...Please call us for other products we may have or be able to find for you.
- General Merchandise Catalog: http://www.pageturnpro.com
- Cremation Jewelry: http://www.madelynpendants.com/
- Cemetery Markers: www.designmemorials.com/
- "Thumbies" Fingerprint Keepsakes: https://meadowhillco.com/
- Caskets: www.signetsupply.com/products.aspx