"There are no
ordinary people..."
C. S. Lewis

Bruce A. Portrey

Saturday, March 21, 1964
Friday, November 2, 2018
Bellingham, WA

Bruce Portrey was more then a just a man, he was a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a Uncle, a Papa and in many ways he was a legend.... Those of us that were honored enough to know him could easily add to this story, and attest to his legacy.

Born to Garey Portrey and Maryann Whittenburg in the small town of Bellingham WA. On March 21, 1964, Bruce’s story began. He had two sisters, Bonnie and Stephanie, and although he grew up and had ma,y others lay claim to him as family or kin, I'm sure these two would agree that growing up with Bruce was one heck of a ride. His story moves from Bellingham to California and back, and although Bruce was always up to travel or go on adventures, his home land never changed, He had a family, raised his five children; Brucie, Byron, Allen, and Kasha, and Tommy, as well as Lindsay and Latisha  and his step daughter Nikki to be strong confident well rounded adults that knew they were loved and were by far his biggest achievement because Bruce truly loved being a dad. He also loved being Papa, and cherished any chance to be silly and have fun with the little ones; this was one of the biggest reasons for hanging on like he did. Bruce knew his life would end far to soon and even though he knew he was going home to the Lord, Bruce embraced every moment like he was still just living. Throughout Bruce’s life he did many things, he was hard working and loved building and creating things that others could enjoy, he embraced all facets of life and the relationships that he shared, He was always good at putting a smile on the face of those he was with... He was fun, and outgoing, but stood up for what he believed in, Bruce had heart, he also recognized it in others, he was quick to remind those he cared about that life was to short to not live it to the fullest and sometimes that meant just going with the flow and not taking it to serious. He loved his people and was always making new friends. He loved music and football, he loved cooking and the outdoors. He was willing to do just about anything and always enjoyed reminiscing about old times.


Over the last decade Bruce spent his life living it to the fullest and really cherished the important things, He met and fell in love with his wife Helen, the two of them shared such a love and truly completed one another and even though they both knew that their time would be cut short they did everything they could to be there for one another, In the last days and hours it was her love and devotion that calmed him. Bruce’s story may of ended way to soon but his legacy will live on forever.

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