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Bruce Wesley

Wednesday, December 31, 1969
Saturday, January 21, 2012
Long Beach, California
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A "Paddle Out" surfers memorial will be held February 18th on the south side of Huntington Beach pier at 9:30 AM. If you have a board and would like to join us, please meet on the beach. If you would like to observe, please do so on the pier. Reception is February 18th at Brian Wesley’s residence, 9141 Warfield Huntington Beach, CA. For more information call 949-232-4861 or email brianwes@ca.rr.com.

Bruce Douglass Wesley “World’s Greatest Surfer”, age 59, passed away from cancer on Saturday, January 21st at Whatcom Hospice House in Bellingham, Washington.

He was born on June 24th, 1952 in Long Beach, California to William Edgar and Carmen Jean Wesley. He attended Huntington Beach Hight School and Golden West College. He was employed as a diesel mechanic, landscaper, and store packer.

He enjoyed surfing, baseball, bowling, and spending time with friends and family. He considered his greatest achievements to be his role as a father, grandfather, and "World's Greatest Surfer". HIs son Brian says the three words that sum up his life are “Live", "Love" and "Life”.

Brian also remembers this interesting story; In the 1960's, Bruce participated in a surf competition, where he place in 2nd. When the commentator asked him what he thought about the competition he simply replied; “Hi, I’m Bruce Wesley, and I’m the World’s Greatest Surfer”. You see, my father had a handicap where he had more than 98% hearing loss. He was quite the character when he wanted to be, and when he did not understand something or even when he did, he would just go with the flow. It’s is my belief that at this time, my dad was a great surfer, and very well could have been the best. Understand that he could not hear when the heats were over, so my grandfather would have to wear a bright red shirt, and at the end of each heat… take it off and wave it above his head so my dad could see it. I brings me much joy, in my dad’s accomplishments, as he worked extra hard to not let his handicap slow him down. He just flat out refused to let it stop him.

Bruce is survived by his former spouse and best friend Rose Marie Luna; children Brian Douglass Wesley, Amber Christine {Eliff} Wesley; grandchildren Jasmine Christine Wesley, Brianna Rose Wesley; siblings Nancy Bull, Diana James, William Wesley, Cheryl Ramirez, and Debbie Dotson; nephews Bobby Bull, Justin James, and Cori Dotson; nieces Brekke Bull, Rachelle Ramirez, Christy Dotson, and many cousins. His friends Eddie DeAngelo, Daniel Avalos, Don Hoop, Mike Sawyer and many, many more. Also his pets Cleopatra, Lola, Ollie, Scarlet, Curly, Stretch, and Blackie.

He was predeceased by his children Bradley Wesley and Celina Wesley; his parents William Edgar Wesley, Carmen Jean {Linde} Wesley, and his pet Syrus.

“For you may not have met my father, but if you know me, than you have met my father, for what was in him, is in me” –Brian Wesley

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by christine Briceno on

That was a beautiful story about your father.. Paradise has found it's new angel. :')

Submitted by Cheryl Ramirez on

Bruce was a kind soul with a big heart full of love for friends and family. Bruce's surfing is why my father wanted to move the family to Huntington Beach from San Diego in 1966. He had transferred to Long Beach, Ca. I am happy dad did that because we all loved and still love Huntington Beach. Bruce will forever be in my heart.

Submitted by Elizabeth LaMar on

I didn't know your dad Brian - but he must have been awesome, cuz he raised you! Our love and prayers are with all of you!
Love, The 3 R LaMars

Submitted by David Chanley on

I remember Bruce as a friendly guy. he always had a smile on his face, and was always kind to everyone.

Submitted by Reggie bell on

I really didn't know you Mr. Wesley but when I did meet you, you were kind and very friendly. I send prayers and thoughts to you and your family! Rest In Paradise!

Submitted by Nancy Bull on

It was my good fortune to spend the last months of 2011 in a place I can only call Planet Bruce. I learned to just say, "Who cares," and go with the flow like Bruce always did. His ability to accept and forgive was beyond anyone I have known. That standard is high, but I am going to try. It all happened so fast for my family. Then again, we are never ready to say goodbye to the ones we love. I protected him when he didn't need it. I gave him advice he discarded with the greatest of ease.I yelled at him when he didn't care. I worried about him always. I was astonished by him often. I laughed at his antics. Toward the end, I listened to him for days and days because he wanted me to write a book. He gave me a few slips of paper totaling about 50 words. Then told me it would probably take 2 books to cover all he told me. Welcome to planet Bruce where grilled cheese at 4 am is fine and you can drop pesky pills in a glass of wine. I loved my little brother with all my heart and will miss him always.

Submitted by Rose Eliff on

I love that story about Bruce's surfing competitions. Bruce always had an easy laugh and a friendly greeting whenever I saw him. He was just so easy-going, kind and gentle. A couple of times when I was bringing things over to Brian and Amber's, Bruce would come out to the car right away to help me. So giving and kind. I was often struck by his beautiful blue eyes, too. He was very much loved by his family and friends. One thing I've learned through my own mother's death, is that the meaningfulness of Bruce's life will continue to resonate and will continue to unfold in the lives of those who love him. Keep telling his stories and keep his life resonating on this side.

Submitted by Chris Hoyt on

I was so saddened to hear of Bruce's passing. I remember Bruce as being a very happy person with a big, deep, hearty laugh. Brian is right that Bruce never let his hearing loss interfere with his ability to talk to people and communicate with what ever was going on. I loved the surf story and know that that must have been such a happy part of his life. Just thinking about Bruce makes miss all the Wesleys, including Wes and Carty. What a great family. What a life! Bye Bruce. I'll miss you.

Submitted by Rose Wesley-Luna on

Knowing Bruce and Loving Bruce made me a better person and having his children my greatest joy, he was a great father, husband and most of all my best friend. I will always love him and miss him, but I know he is with the Big Kahuna riding the choicest waves and with our 2 angels Bradley and Selena. I always loved his zest for life and his easy going loving heart, he always knew how to make me laugh and lord did he always have such a sunny spirit and always saw the best in everyone. he loved to surf and I enjoyed watching him he was an amazing surfer and had no fear, he would shoot the pier on that long board of his and laugh and he would always catch a wave no matter how big or how small he would ride it to shore and he found the most joy in teaching Brian is Pride and Joy to surf as a baby and man was he proud of his little man when he caught his first wave or caught his first ball he loved his family and friends with all his heart and he always had a smile and a handshake for anyone he met, he will be deeply missed and will never be forgotten and loved always.

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