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Dorothy Louise Trickett D'Anna

Sunday, April 16, 1939
Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Berkeley, CA

Dorothy D’Anna was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Kansas. She was predeceased by her beloved husband of 57 years, Russell D’Anna, in 2018. Her parents, Marie Offen Harrop and Dr. Joseph (Virginia) Trickett also predeceased her. She is survived by her step-sister, Dr. Virginia Tucker, of Bellingham WA, and brothers-in-law, Robert (Debbie) and David (Lorraine) D’Anna, of Hawaii. Flashman, the last of Russ and Dorothy’s extraordinary Trekehner horses, will live out his final years in peace in Pennsylvania. 
  Dorothy graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Kansas with a degree in fine arts, and her career spanned years as an accomplished artist, a pioneering art director—at Macy’s Kansas City and at Gimbels New York—and as a freelance design consultant for Scholastic magazines and multiple fashion apparel lines. Dorothy’s career path was always closely woven in with her two great passions, for art and for Russ. They met as sophomores at KU, married in 1961, and spent most of their lives in or near New York City. She was a great lover of music, especially jazz, the theatre, and had style and grace all her own. Dorothy relocated to Bellingham, WA in 2020 from Croton-on-Hudson, NY. 
  The family asks that donations be made to the World Wildlife Fund to honor Dorothy’s love of horses and her regular gifts to WWF. 

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by Lorraine D’Anna on

Aloha Virginia,

David and I were very sad to hear of Dorothys passing yesterday when Debbie shared the news. She was such a lovely women and we cherish the visits with her and Russ. We visited with our sons David and Robert years ago and they took us to the stables. 
We didn't keep in close contact but Dorothy and Russ had a special place in our heart. Thank you for all that you did to make your sisters last days as comfortable a possible. May she Rest In Peace now.


Lorraine D'Anna 


Submitted by Sally Dininny on

I first met Dorothy and Russ D'Anna on the Show committee of the Westchester Fairfield Dressage Association some 40 years ago.  We became good friends, bonded by our love of horses and art.  Later they created publicity pieces for my Quarter and Dressage horse company.  Russ was a scrappy, opinionated wordsmith and idea man whose own artistic works were striking.  Dorothy was equally talented and often served as the behind the scenes implementer and moderator of whatever project was afoot.  I have forever imbedded in my memory the sound of me and Russ arguing about how we thought something should be presented, followed by Dorothy saying in a soothing but firm voice "now Russ".  We shared so many good times.  I learned so much from them both.  They are together again now.  Happy Trails - Sally Dininny

Submitted by sharon protzmann on

Dorothy and I met when we were in high school at a weekend at KU.  Russ and my husband, Pete, were not only roommates at KU but best friends.  We were in their wedding and we stayed close through the years. I tried to stay close to Dorothy after Russ died, too.  Pete died three years ago and it was hard to lose our "guys". Last time I called Dorothy (last summer) I knew she was moving to WA to be near family and I encouraged her.

I am devastated to hear of Dorothy's death and I'd  love to talk with Virginia or a relative about it.  Wish I had an email address or phone number.  Please keep me posted. slp2pp@sbcglobal.net

Dorothy was a lovely, talented lady and I'll miss her terribly.  My children will miss her, too.  We had LOTS of wonderful times together.


Submitted by Catherine Gilmo... on

I first met Russ in art school (SVA) 30+ years ago when he was my teacher. More recently, I discovered Russ taking my same train into NYC, the same car, in fact. Turned out we were neighbors. I began looking forward to our daily conversations on art, politics, horses and his beloved Dorothy. Russ had a beautiful photo of Dorothy on the cover of his iphone. Eventually I met Dorothy and toured their home. I was enthralled by their collective talent. After the passing of Russ, I checked in on Dorothy regularly for a while. I could only imagine her loneliness without her beloved Russ. I'd come to know them as two halves of a whole. It makes me happy to think they are back together again.

Thank you to the people at 308 Morey Avenue who were kind enough to send me Dorothy's obituary. I pass their home in Croton routinely and think of Russ and Dorothy every time. They are permanent treasures in my heart.

Submitted by Viveca Diaz on

I met Dorothy through Russ who was my teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. Then I met his beloved - Dorothy!. When Russ would come to school he would show me videos of Flash with Dorothy and her drawings. ELEGANT drawings just like her a woman of Elegance. I would tell them you guys are just like Ken and Barbie. Russ .....Dorothy is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I am THANKFUL that she relocated to Bellingham, WA; thank you. I will always love the D'Anna's.

Much love, peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour.


Submitted by Lidia Chernichenko on

I worked for Russ at Scholastic for a few years. He and Dorothy came to my wedding in upstate NY in 1973 (I have a picutre of Russ & me dancing). When they bought their house in Croton-on-the-Hudson we were invited and got to see the stables as well. Dorothy and Russ were two halves of a whole. They were both extremely talented people and very supportive of each other. We kept all of the Christmas cards that we received over the years since they were all beautiful being Dorothy's artwork. Lovely keepsakes!

It is sad to realize that both of them are gone now. Glad that she was with family in WA and not living alone in NY. They are together forever now. May Dorothy rest in peace! Our condolences to her family!

Thank you to the person who sent me the obituary! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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