Elizabeth Susan Paull

Elizabeth Susan Paull, was granted reprieve from unearned and undeserved suffering on June 18 2022.

Born February 9 1992 in Bellingham, WA to Forrest and Susan Paull, and joining siblings Phillip and Melanie, she was a light every single day of her 30 short years–which can never be extinguished from the hearts of so many whose lives she enriched during the time we were blessed with her Earthside. Elizabeth fought a brave and determined battle with cervical cancer which began May 1 2021, and never wanted to leave us even up until her very last breath.

More familiarly known as Liz, Lizard, Lizardbreath, and Punk, Elizabeth attended school in Bellingham graduating from Squalicum High School in 2010. Liz played soccer her whole life, including Whatcom FC Rangers and high school Varsity with a team of ladies who would prove to be a lifelong sisterhood. As a teenager, Liz was active in DECA and FBLA, and her classmates remember her as a friendly face whose kindness was even more remarkable than her beauty. Born a dual American-Canadian citizen, Liz made her mark in her college days at University of Victoria earning a bachelor of arts degree in Economics by day, and supporting a now-thriving jewelry start-up by night.

In 2013, Liz adopted Winston (Winnie) and raised him into a sweet and loving companion who would later transition into being her service dog. Winnie comforted Liz with everlasting love and affection even in the moments after she passed—resolute in the responsibility to reciprocate what she had so freely given him his whole life. Liz later began working in food hospitality, and as a result of her impressive work ethic—and equal finesse with guests and co-workers—was recruited as a key player to help open a flagship restaurant in the heart of Toronto. Despite having no shortage of friends, Liz was profoundly independent, and traveled, often alone, to various parts of the world. Liz had seen the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Vietnam, Mexico, and held an extra special fondness for Maui. Ultimately, Liz’s heart called her “home” to Whatcom County after her near decade living in Canada, because her family meant the very most to her and she simply missed seeing them. Once Liz had returned to “Bellinghome” she jumped headfirst into her professional career as a Real Estate Agent—going above and beyond for clients whether there was cash in it for her or not—as well as imparting lovely impressions on all of the fellow agents she worked with on business transactions. Liz was “Auntie Wiz” to 3 little humans aged 2, 3, and 5—they were the apple to her eye and she was the apple to theirs. She loved them “SO MUCH!!!”.

Liz was preceded in death by her maternal grandmother, Florence (Landon) McConnachie, and paternal grandmother, Mary (Van Loock) Stone. She is survived by parents, Susan and Forrest Paull; brother Phillip Paull (Atmish Sharifpour); sister Melanie Paull; nephews Crosby and Kelso; niece Perrie; faithful four-legged baby Winston; Grandfather Nairn (Florence) McConnachie; Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and an abundance of amazing friends that became family along the way. Liz’s kind heart, reliability, guttural and infectious laugh, and brilliant example of seizing every single day that life has to offer are just a few examples of what will be most profoundly impactful in the loss of her. In true form, symbolic of her own thoughtfulness and grace, Liz planned her celebration of life for June 20, 2022–which she missed attending by just 2 days.

Rather than flowers or donations the family hopes to see Liz honored through remembering to schedule your regular cervical cancer screenings (Pap smears), receive the Gardasil vaccine, educate those around you about these preventative measures, and so appreciates hearing from you when Liz’s story pushed you that extra step to do so! Survivors who intimately watched the tragic decline of our once immaculately healthy girl would like to extend extra gratitude to PeaceHealth Cancer Center and Whatcom Hospice Caregivers including Dr. Lettelier, Dr. Caffery, and Dr. Jessica Bloom for going above the call of their professional duties and providing such crucial and compassionate support on Liz’s journey. Liz will be memorialized at Green Acres Cemetery in Bellingham.

#LivelikeLiz #Strongertogether


From Carla Orlandi

Angels come to this world to teach us how to live and how to love. Have you ever been in a situation where suddenly someone shows up, out of nowhere and helps you? Things happen with synchronicity to assist you? I always see them as angels. 
Liz was an angel among us . She came to this world to teach us how to live fully and how to love others. She was a Beloved Sister, an Amazing daughter, and best friend to ALL! She came to this world to enlighten us! To pour her love all over us and teach us by her example. 
She came into this world and did her job! She’s played her part in this play we call life and taught us by her example. 
Liz’s big bright smile and beauty captivate us and Her LOVE is that golden halo that shines so bright and brightens the day of everyone she meets. We all felt Loved and Accepted, Heard, Validated, and filled with Joy in her presence. 
Liz reminds me of my beautiful mother Caroline. My mom was stunningly beautiful like Liz and she too had a heart of Gold. She left this world at age 42 after battling cancer in 1980. Even though we never reunited again in this physical world after my birth, I have seen her in my dreams. In dreams, she caresses my face and tells me that everything will be alright. 

That Light and presence that lives within Liz and within all of us cannot be destroyed. It says in the Hindu Scripture, The Upanishads:

“Iam unborn, I am free from old age. My being is without beginning or end. I am unchangeable, I am Consciousness and bliss, smaller than the smallest, greater than the greatest.”

As Chief Seattle said,

There is no death, only a change of worlds”.

Liz, Come and meet me in the dream world anytime. 


With divine Love, 
Auntie Carla Orlandi- Smith 

Jul 08, 2022

From Fred & Mary

​​Gracious words fail me

Tears I find, in the place of them

Her story?  It's still being told...it's still being told


Auntie Snook

Jul 21, 2022

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