"There are no
ordinary people..."
C. S. Lewis

Frank Carter Wear

Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Bellingham, WA
Service Information: 
Franks memorial will be Saturday August 3rd at 8pm at Glynn's Shamrock Pub.   

Frank Carter Wear was born on November 18, 1958 and drew his last breath on July, 16th, 2019 at the age of 60.
He was born and raised on the BellDale Farm in Ferndale and grew up enjoying life on his beloved family farm where his older brother Donnie, older sister Janice, his parents Joann and Donald K Wear and grandparents Frank and Carter Wear. He was married once and had two biological children, Tiffaney Wear and Elysha Wear before divorcing in 1995. He worked in a variety of fields from fishing to farm work to cashiering at local stores; he even worked for a time at a local Jiffy Lube in Bellingham. He started changing mentally toward the end of his marriage which led to his divorce. After his divorce a hit-and-run driver ran over him and injured his leg, back, and caused a TBI that transformed him from local jack-of-all-trades to a famous rodeo cowboy in his own mind. He became more and more estranged from family members over the years after his divorce until he only had regular contact with his beloved mother Joann Wear. 
The rodeo memories that never happened and Karaoke four nights a week at Glynn’s  Shamrock Pub shaped his adult life after his divorce. He made friends with other karaoke singers and even adopted Kari Kidde as his daughter and her growing family as his grandkids when he was 49. He spent many hours throughout the rest of his life enjoying the companionship of his grandchildren Elijah and Celia, spending holidays and scheduling time each week to spend at the Kidde home watching movies and playing with the two kids. He was a huge part of the lives of the Kidde family during the last part of his life. He regaled them and anyone who would listen with stories of rodeo bulls he rode and adventures he had created for himself in a life he never lived. He was diagnosed with MS late in life and deteriorated quickly from the disease until he was immobilized by its effects and hardly able to talk.
He reconnected with his brother, biological children Tiffaney, Elysha and three grandchildren Sammy, Dante and Lucas four years before he passed. Although he spent many years after his divorce alone with little contact from any family aside from his mother, he made up a fantastic life, created relationships with people from nights at karaoke, was adopted by Kari and her kids, and lived the life he dreamt he had lived through his tall tales and incredibly detailed stories. She met him when he was alone and promised from then on that he would not be alone again. As he was dying Kari her don Elijah were by his side daily; Elijah said goodbye to his beloved grandpa at 11pm on July 15th. As she had promised all those years ago when he passed on the morning of July 16th 2019 at 8:05am Kari was by his side holding his hand and singing his favorite songs.
Frank Carter Wear, The Greatest Cowboy that Never Was, shed his broken mortal body and went home to the Lord to be in the company of his parents and grandparents and all the bulls he didn’t ride in life. He is remembered by his brother Donnie, his wife Leslie, and ex wife Wanda and their three daughters, his sister Janice and her husband Harvey, his daughters Tiffaney, Elysha and her husband Mike and their kids Sammy, Dante, and Lucas, and Kari Kidde and her kids Elijah and Celia.

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