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Ingeborg Lydia Erika Paulus

Saturday, November 16, 1929
Monday, February 27, 2023
St. Germanshof, Germany

Ingeborg (Inge) Lydia Erika Paulus left this world on Tuesday February 27th 2023 at age 93. She lived a rich and varied life. She was born on November 16th 1929 in a small border station between Germany and France. She lived in Bad Duerkheim for three years after the death of her mother but then moved back to St. Germanshof after her father remarried and brought his four children home again.
After the end of WW2, with no safe school available, Inge apprenticed at two farms in the Palatinate with the aim of becoming an Agricultural Home Economist. This soon became impossible after the devaluation of the German Mark (to pay for the WW2 damages that the Germans had caused). There was no money to pay for school. From then on Inge did odd jobs until 1952, when she immigrated to Canada where she worked in an office. In 1958 she decided to attend the University of British Columbia, from which she graduated with a BA and an MA. After doing research in addiction she decided to get a PhD in the Sociology of Law at the London School of Economics in London, England. Immigrating to the US in 1971, Inge taught Sociology at Western Washington University.
In 1976 Inge and Roy Potter, a widower, were married. They traveled all over the world for Roy’s job and on their own as well for many years. A few weeks each summer were spent walking in England and Germany and a few weeks each winter were spent in Hawaii.
Inge and Roy celebrated birthdays and holidays, entertained and were entertained by friends and family. In short, they had a great life together until Roy died at age 100. Inge, who was ten years younger, followed at age 93.
Inge is survived by her Paulus family nieces and nephews and Potter family children.
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