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Kenneth Delesdenier

Friday, January 25, 1963
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
San Diego, California

Kenneth Delesdenier, age 49 of Bellingham, passed away on Wednesday, March 28th in Bellingham.

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Submitted by Wanda Waters on

Even though I was by your side after your passing it is still unreal at times that you have left. Then there are times when I feel you may be around but you are happy and no longer in pain. I picture you with my brother and you two are teasing each other and having fun together. This is the only way that I can handle a situation such as this. You kept talking how much you would be in pain but you talked about your knees hurting so bad, which I don't understand why. I was told that you had a good day before your passing and this helps a lot especially when I wasn't able to see you like I wanted. I know you were so worried about fixing my car before you left but we tried. I couldn't tell you that my pickup had been repoed and why I wasn't able to pick you up. You would have been so upset especially when you had taken my car for so long until it broke down and you couldn't get it back to me. No way would I tell you about my pickup as well. Luckily my Mom stepped in to help get my pickup back. So many people depend upon me to help them through their difficulties that it seems devastating to many when I lose my wheels. Then I think about all the different women who had children that you would help as well in ensuring they had a vehicle. I know it was difficult for you to become so helpless with your poor health. You always had to be busy, busy, busy just like me. It was difficult for me to see and know how your health changed you from being so busy in helping others to where others were helping you in just a short time. You could build houses and fix up old vehicles where they would be running good, and you would take people where they needed to go and all kinds of things. You had such a kind and free spirit until this last heart attack hit you. I kept telling you and others that you weren't right because you weren't thinking very well. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to you and you staying at Brad's and Diane's really did you in. Every time I would try to see you or to get you to see the doctor, they would have you gone some place where I couldn't see or talk to you. It was pretty bad that you had to call 911 where you couldn't even tell them that you called 911. Then it is upsetting that the emergency personnel wouldn't listen to you that you were having a heart attack. Instead they kept getting irritated because they said the pain was just the broken ribs, and we kept telling them that it was your heart. It's upsetting that you make the second person that I know where the emergency personnel ignored cries for help. First Tom dies and now you. I don't get it because everyone else that I have taken to the hospital with a heart condition gets the EKG hooked up to them immediately, and they refused to do this with you and with Tom. Instead they told me they had to wait on blood tests and then they stated they took 2 blood tests when I saw them do 3 blood tests. It was their neglect that killed you in some ways but you were to afraid to say anything. I even seen them hook up an EKG immediately when a person wasn't their about chest pains but there was heart problems in their history. This will always haunt and upset me about you and Tom. Then I don't really have any rights because I wasn't familly. One thing about it is that I did find your family so you wouldn't die alone without knowing if family loved and cared about you. For one thing I didn't want to deal with your passing all by myself. This was so stressful at times and what a relief when your family contacted me. They said at the Columbia Place that they could see a big change within you where you felt so much at peace and it really makes me happy to know that you received that peace, love and comfort from your family. I just wished I could have found your family a long time ago so they could have known you like how I knew you. I know in the past that you had your troubles but around me there was a very sweet and nice nature with you. Those at the Columbia Place say the same. I keep hearing your voice and words, "loves ya bunches" and when things went wrong you would always say, "dannng" with a drawn out drawl. Those words would crack me up and actually they still do when I think about them. It bothers me that your son won't contact me and he hasn't contacted John either. I guess maybe some day your son will want to know more about you and I'm organzing your stuff to give to your brother John in case that day comes. I will always laugh when I would take you to the hospital and tell the nurses and doctors that you lie about being fine. You never wanted anyone to bother themselves about you and you could withstand a lot of pain where you would always say I'm fine, I'm fine and you would still say it while you where staggering into the walls. When someone is staggering into the walls or stumbling, they aren't fine and I would tell on you or tell them that you lie. You would just laugh because you couldn't even tell it about yourself. For one thing, if I had to take you to the hospital then this should be a good clue that you weren't fine! I'll never forget that night when you stayed with George and I at the yard living like hillbillies it seems and you had one of your spells. You kept stumbling and falling in the middle of the night and you refused to sit still so I could my shoes on to help you. I couldn't wake George up to help me because as usual he was drunk and I was almost panicing. You were so lucky that you didn't break your neck on the wheelborrow and that I could help walk you to my car. You were a bloody mess and we were both a muddy mess because of all the rain we had and we kept falling in the mud. I couldn't even call 911 because we weren't even at a real address for me to call for help. Then at the hospital it was so upsetting because you had hurt yourself with these different gashes on your face. Once again you had a high pain tolerance where there was only a few times you would wince with them stitching your head and face. That was so horrible to watch but I tried to distract you and help you to keep you from feeling the pain, With all the different times that I'd seen with you being hurt, this is one reason why it's so upsetting to me that the emergency personnel wouldn't listen to us. I KNEW if you were withering and complaining about the pain you were feeling that you had to be in a lot of pain when you were having that heart attack. I just can't believe no one there would listen to us and they acted as if we were over reacting. Their focus was on the broken ribs and that was your downfall. I guess all I can say is that you no longer will feel pain again and you are having fun with my brother. I know both of you will be around at times and there for me for comfort during my times of pain. Life for me hasn't been the same since your last heart attack and now that you have crossed over. I don't have anyone anymore who likes being busy, busy and busy like me. I know Puddy is there with you as well and heaven helps anyone who tries to get too close to you. That cat sure loved you and was highly protective. Well it is time for me to go and what is this you passing away on my birthday? I took you out to your favorite Mexican food place for your birthday and then you leave me on my birthday. I guess you just wanted to ensure that I didn't forget you and I won't forget you. I know I will see you at some point in time. I also know that you will be visiting me as well. There are times when I'm in town and I think I need to stop in to see you or to tell you about what I'm doing with the fruit trees, etc. and realize that you aren't there anymore. Well I need to go and "loves ya bunches."

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