Malcolm (Bud) Johnson

Malcolm (Bud) Johnson, age 91 of Ferndale passed away on Monday, March 18th at Whatcom Hospice House.

From Phil...

Dad was a creature of habit. He used the same yellow Tupperware cereal bowl every morning for the last 50 years. Also there was a certain order the cereals were to be put into the bowl. First there had to be two large shredded wheat biscuits, then several other types of cereal, topped off with a spoonful of oat bran and then some raisins. There was also 6 ounces of cranberry juice and 1 cup of coffee with creamer. Just one cup, never two He liked it that way and you could set your watch by his regularity! He was a happy man of routine!

Bud loved his wife June dearly, and you could see it in his eyes whenever they visited at the table or happily talked together in the office. But never once did he think to give her a napkin at the dinner table unless she asked for it. Why? I am not sure why, but now that I sit where he sat, I can never think of getting her a napkin either. I figure it must have something to do with the chair. His fifty year old well worn chair.

But he was a computer whiz! And by computer whiz I mean he only knew how to play solitaire, but lots and lots of solitaire...and get this...he loved to listen to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA whenever he played his game. Many a night I passed his office and saw over his shoulder he was playing cards listening to and humming along with Disco music.

Bud was very devout in his service to Jehovah God and he really wanted to be here when God's name is finally known and made holy the whole world over. He was a good christian example for all his children and we have pictures of him going out in his door to door ministry from many years ago until just a few weeks ago. He knew it was important.

If you are considering sending flowers to any of us, remember we live on a farm and we have lots of things that Pa planted all around us. He planted and perfected his tomatoes over 50 years of trial and error. But I am not sure any of us learned his tomato growing secrets. Perfection lost! Rather than flowers, think about calling a loved one and let them know how much they mean to you. How precious they are to your life. Or think about doing some good works for someone you know who needs help. Rake a lawn or offer to pick up something for them while you are shopping. Come on, you can think of something.

Pa lived to be 91, born in Fairhaven in October 1921 and passed away there in March 2013 knowing he was well loved, so he had a pretty good run, but your loved ones could be gone tomorrow and how sad it would be for you to have left something unsaid or undone. Also you better learn any garden tips they may know...... it all goes by so very fast!!

From Jennifer...

Dad was such an interesting man from his onion and orange sandwiches to fixing all injures small and great with a band aide and a pat on the back. He had a true love for his cows , especially his favorite cow, Brownie who would follow him anywhere he went just for a little attention and a scratch behind her ear; she loved Dad. Dad loved the land too and enjoyed nothing more than to be out on his tractor doing something or running around on his little runabout going to the river or checking fields and always with his companion dog Alfie in tow.

Dad loved his garden and went to great lengths to grow the best tomatoes and cucumbers and always working on new crops of different corn and he could tell you everything there was about all of them. Even the year he had knee replacement surgery, he had Phil and I out there planting but we had to do it just right.

Dad always had a good nature about him and was well liked even when life gave him poo, he made something grow from it. Dad you will be missed-rest for now.


From Jennifer Barker

To a Husband and a Father that was so wonderful you will be missed.

Mar 22, 2013

From Charel

Grandpa, we will miss you!

Mar 22, 2013

From Beverly McCaskill

Pa was a great teacher. He taught me how to drive the tractors and our large truck that we drove for silage for the cows. No matter how scared I was he never laugh or got mad. I remember climbing up the silo and when I had to come down I froze. Pa climbed up after me and helped me down,no scolding for going up just laughter about how I came down. We had a very large family and we had to grow a garden (whiched he loved) which he put in about a acre of corn. Mom,Jenny and I had to do a lot of canning durning the harvest. He loved his cows,knew by name and the their family history. He will be greatly missed.

Mar 23, 2013

From Margie and Leo Hovey

June, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We only met Bud a few times when we up visiting Phil and Julie, but he was such a nice man (and brother).
He showed us all around the barns and milking stations. He warned us not to drive through the sprinklers that were spraying brown water! Glad we knew that!
May it comfort you to know that Bud has won the race for life. The next thing he knows, he'll be in Paradise (not California). May you also have the comfort of your family and friends in the truth. We love you.

Mar 24, 2013

From Beverly Adcock

I met June In 1957 as she was my teacher. In 1962 I went to San Diego. I lost contact with June & years later, found out she was married to Bud. I started visiting them during the summer. I am greatful I was there for rwo weeks last summerwith Bud & June. I always looked forward to lunch & dinner because I was going to have corn on cobb, fresh tomatoes & cucumbers from Buds garden. What a treat. Bud did have a good routine. I remembee lunch always @ 12:30, dinner @ 5:30 & as for breakfast , not sure as I was just getting up. Bud had a great sence of humor. He was patient and always let June watch what she wanted on TV. I will miss seeing him drive over to the Kingdom Hall in his cart so he could open it up. Soon I and all his friends & family will have all the time in the world to visit & find out how he grew such wonderful tasting food from his garden. Love you Bud XOXO

Mar 24, 2013

From Mathew George

Pa was a great teacher and father.

I have so much to say about the lessons given to me by Pa, seeds really, planted in my mind, some which were clear the day they were given and many many more that only time and maturity would allow to come into view. I'll see if I can hit some of the highlights.

My first real childhood memories that I can clearly remember all circle around time spent with this man, although not my biological father, Pa was my, well, Pa. I clearly remember my first visit to the farm, I remember walking up the stairs to the second floor and seeing this big guy on his knees laying the linolimum tiles in what would be the bedroom I would share with my new brothers Randy and Marshall. I remember the smile on his face when he saw us, I thought it was me he was glad to see, but, now as I think of it 50+ years later, I'm sure it was mom. You could always see he loved her and visa versa, they must have either been in love, or crazy, pulling together such a large group of kids into one family, not a perfect family, but a family none the less.

I remember being with him in the barn, mucking out gutters, getting hay out of the loft, getting the cows in the stanchions, feeding them grain and molasses from a big barrel. I remember being so small I could walk under the cows, schlogging through the poo in my boots and baggies. I remember falling asleep on his lap while rubbing my blanket under my nose and him calling me "smelly popo gee joe". I remember it seemed he could build anything, repair anything, grow anything and knew everything. It was a perfect farm life for a little boy and he a great teacher. He taught us all what work ethic was, to take care of what takes care of you, machines, land and animal. He taught us compassion and patience and showed us all what it was like to have strong convictions. Heck he even taught us that cow poop, and a bread sack, properly applied, could cure aches, pains, sprains and strains!

He taught fine cuisine, onion and orange, tongue or pickled herring sandreeges and the timeless adage, "when it's smokin, it's cooking, and when it's black, it's done".

All in all he taught me how to be a man, how to work hard, love deeply, lead by example, have fun where you can and stand up for what you believe.

I miss him, I know in my heart he loved me, for all my imperfections, he loved me. I like the man I am today, I'm a good husband, father, grandfather and friend. I am this man because of the lessons Pa taught me, and I am grateful to him for them.

Pa, I'll miss your laugh.

Mar 24, 2013

From Nanci Leonard

I have a picture that I treasure of Bud back in 1974 or 75. He is sitting on his tractor with my little 2 year old son Brian standing proudly on the side of him. I can still remember Brian yelling to me, "Look Mama, I'm riding on the tractor with papa Bud." Bud and June made that first trip up to Washington to visit my sister Julie and her family so pleasant and lots of fun.My "City Boy" son had so much fun following Bud around the dairy farm asking questions about anything that came into his head. Bud was kind and took the time to answer the majority of the questions. When it came time to do the milking, Brian did not want to be left out, but a 2 year old could get in the way real easy, so Bud proped him up in the windowsill and made him promise to stay there. To my amazment, he did not move from that spot until Bud said he could get down. Brian and I made many more trips up to Washington to see my sister as well as Bud and June, but Brian always told me that the one he spent so much time with Papa Bud learning how to milk the cows was his very favorite trip. I think it was mine too. June, I wish I was there now so that I could give you a great big hug and kiss. You have always been so good to me and made me feel so very welcome in your home when I have come to visit. You are in my thoughts and prayers. With Much Love, Nanci Leonard, Paradise, California

Mar 24, 2013

From Jennifer Barker

Matt you have such wonderful memories of Pa. We all remember Pa and you out on the tractor, Pa had you tied on to the side of the trator while he worked out in the fields even when you fell asleep he just keep you upright. It was like you were his buddy and you were a good natured little boy in your world Pa built .

Mar 25, 2013

From Gay Leathley

To me Uncle Bud was a gentle giant - he was the most gentle man I knew and I some of the best memories of my childhood are being a wee one on the farm visiting. Being the youngest of all the kids (at that time) in the family I believe that he treated me extra special (though now I know he treated every child as extra special) - but that's my story and I'll stick to it - heck he even named a cow after me - 40 odd years later I still talk about that to friends. He started calling me Gee Gee at an early age and at 51 that name still is used by many in the family.

My bestest ever memory was helping pick corn (think it was for the cows not us) as we were on the tractor (I always had prime spot on the farm tractors with him - until I out grow them!!!) After all this picking and having fun on the farm - it was time to go home - I remember getting home and my dad handing me my pink rubber boots and the inside of the boots were filled with corn - I knew it was MY Uncle Bud (remember I was young and he wasn't anyone elses Unlce Bud) - goodness knows what would have happened if the boarder guards had found them - I still remember it like it happened yesterday.

He always had a shadow when I was there and it didn't matter that I got in his way - he never never got mad - being a city kid on a farm I'm sure I got in the way alot wanting to know everything and said "why" a million times - but that didn't matter - he was always happy to have me round and ready to give me a job when I could do it - to this day washing out the milking parlour with the pressure hose was the best job EVER!!!.

I remember him always commenting on us crazy Canucks on our long weekends - "you Canucks spend hours at the boarder, drive as far as we can, stay one day then turn around and do it all over again - crazy Canucks"

In grade 3 I had to write a story about my favorite place and smell - given that silage was my favorite smell (still is) I wrote the paper about the farm and how happy I was to be there with Uncle Bud - to this day when I smell that smell I think of him and the farm.....even then he held a special place in my heart.

No matter how long it had been since I last saw him he was always there with a warm smile and big hug - I will sure miss those. He was a very special man and he will be missed by many.

Mar 25, 2013

From Sharon Holland

I've been Bud and June's neighbor for 50 years. My fond memory of Bud would be when he'd give me a call to let me know my daughter's pig was down visiting again. He had such a great sense of humor and will be greatly missed in the neighborhood!

Mar 26, 2013


I really only got to know Bud for what seems like such a short time. I wish I had been able to see him more. He always seemed so kind & such a gentle soul. What a man to look up to, such a role model for all of us. He seemed to have such an inner strength and appeared to be so happy and content with his life and family. A man for me personally to look up to & try to emulate my life after, although difficult to achieve. Will miss you Bud.

Mar 26, 2013

From tara

I will miss his grin, laugh and great company. I always felt so welcome at the farm, unless I had a screaming toddler, then I knew it was time to take me leave.
Bud love the small talk and was truly the "gentle giant." The only time I was afraid of grandpa was when I had found his candy stash of Queen Anne cherries. I would sneak into the office and would grab one and RUN out. They were just amazingly delicious. By the end of the day, (it was twilight on the farm) I had taken 3 or 4, because I didn't want whom ever own the chocolate to notice the robbery. I told myself that this would be the LAST one. As I put the decadent addiction to my lips, there was a startling rap on the office window with grandpa Bud looming just outside! BUSTED!!! I was so afraid I bolted from the "office of temptation and forbidden chocolates" to hide under a chair, he was so tall he would never find me there.... but time went by and he never did come in to get me or to scold me. However, I NEVER stole the goodies again. I cant eat Queen Anne with out thinking of grandpa.
I miss and love him. I'm so so sorry for the loss. I'm so sorry grandma. Grandpa was a terrific man and we have been so privileged to have had him in our lives.

Mar 26, 2013

From Steve Bacon

It was August 1985 and I was coating my garage floor when a car drove up. A man got out and introduced himself as Bud Johnson. Bud said he was my neighbor and wanted to talk about a few things. We talked for two hours and he said he would like to stop by again.

So Bud stopped by for the next 28 years and we talked and talked about many things. I had a special chair that I would get for Bud, and he would get comfortable in that chair and we would sit in the shop and talk. We talked about his life and my life and the people we both knew, and we talked about his faith.

I grew to look forward to his regular visits and to get his valuable perspective on life, and now I will sorely miss him sitting in that chair with his cow on his lapel and talking and laughing with me about anything and everything.

Mar 27, 2013

From Steve Bacon

I will miss Bud so very much. If Steve was not around when Bud came to visit we would talk for a long time together, it could be about the banking industry or the weather or how our gardens grew. He also came over and got some of my strawberry plants when the deer ate all of his. I will miss him so very much on the first Saturday of the month when I knew that he would come over and talk with us. He was a very wonderful man and we will miss his smile and his faith. God bless him and his family!!

Mar 30, 2013

From Spring

Grandpa was not just a good man he was a amazing example of how a father, husband, Man in general should be. he protected his loved ones and taught threw leading.
Most of my memories of him are shared with Mandy and Tara, sleep overs at the farm. Grandma asked me a few years back why did you guys love this farm so much its boring. I laughed and told her the whole world was there. If we were playing in the hayloft you could set you watch by the 15 min intervals between grandpa yelling up at us "no body dead yet right?" to see if we were ok. I'll never forget how he let us roam that place I think he even knew our games and he would leave things in place for us . I'll never forget flat cat. he also covered for us we would head to the feild and ditch our boots by the barn we would come back covered in mud and other cow gifts and he would hoes us off and hand us our boots and say don't tell grandma you took these off. Thinking back now I never even noticed he had collected our boots and brought them in the parlor for us. He took humble pride in everything he did and it showed in the out come, Oh he grew the best Beats I've ever had. He really enjoyed when Jenny and Chanda were showing his cows at the fair adn even sent Brownie to follow Us girls around the field when we played she was like our guard dog Even when we were out of his sight he had ways of looking after us.
His love for Grandma always glowed. I always smiled and enjoyed watching the 2 of them most times in there own private world. Holding hands at the assemblies, hall, kitchen table. Their home was open and welcoming to any and all people they had visitors from around the world and the all left family, a home with that much love cant hide it or keep it contained. I infected all those touched by Bud and June. I'm grateful for every moment I had with him and I am blessed to have had him as a Grandfather. He always and I do mean always let us know we were safe and loved, and watched over. I love you Grandpa. thank you for being yourself.

Mar 31, 2013

From Beverly McCaskill

Those are very good memories. Glad you told them.

Apr 02, 2013

From tara morrow

that brings back a lot of memories.

Apr 02, 2013

From Mathew George

Wow, right to the heart of it. He was a great man, and you are sooooooo very right, you always felt loved and looked after.

Apr 07, 2013

From Mathew George

Well it is Father's Day, 3 months after Pa's passing. And I smile every time I think of him, his laugh, stories and gentle demeanor. I hope everyone is having great memories of him as well. Take a moment to tell the ones close to you how much you love them, all to soon you won't be able to.


Jun 16, 2013

From June Johnson

It has only been a year
since you had to go away
If I had known you were leaving,
I would have begged for you to stay
I could tell that you were changing,
a little bit every day
you were my greatest loss,
threw my life into dis-array

I am surrounded now by family
and by their great, great love
from the youngest to the oldest
I am cherished, taken care of
they always do their best,
and I am in a happy place
but how I miss our old farm,
and the life I can't replace

I feel the world is turning
and falling into despair
for there is a current of anger
that fills the very air
perhaps the time has come
when man tries to employ
the weapons that can ruin the earth
and everything destroy

but God will save the home
he created for mankind
let his people rebuild in peace,
with his will they are aligned
then one day my world comes back
as I hear your familiar voice
lets's sit under our old walnut tree
and happily rejoice
maybe start again where we left off
and rebuild our little farm
standing next to you,
see what God has let us do,
underneath your youthful arm

Mar 14, 2014

From Mathew George

Beautiful. Your love for Pa was always evident, an example for all of us to live up to. I thank you for sharing your feelings with all of us.

Apr 01, 2014

From Jennifer Johns…

Mom you don't know how happy I am that Dad got to live his life out with someone who loved him and still loves him as much as
you do. I always think about how fortunate our family was that Dad met you and not someone that did not know Jehovah because
if you had not met Dad where would I be, hard to say. I know you miss him everyday as I do and as long as we have our wonderful
memories of our life on the farm 'the good days and the wild days' he is still here in our thoughts and soon when our loved ones are
returned Dad will be back. I am glad that you and Dad had such a good life and remember Dad always loved you and was happy with
the life that you and him built and that is why you can look back with such fond memories of your life together.

Apr 01, 2014

From Mathew George

I stop by this site often, just to read about and remember this amazing man that I had the privelage and honor to call Pa. Thank you Mom for finding and marrying such a great guy! Looking back on the pictures at the top of the page, you two were a beautiful couple, and will be again some day. Much love.

Apr 28, 2014

From Mathew George

Thinking about you Pa, thanks for all the life lessons.

Be sure to tell your loved ones how much you care.

Peace and love to you all.


Mar 23, 2015

From Mathew George

Hey pa remembering you today. Just want you to know a lot of what you taught me stuck. 
miss you



Mar 26, 2021

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