"There are no
ordinary people..."
C. S. Lewis

Mary Susan “Suzy” Haskins

Friday, November 11, 1949
Monday, November 2, 2020
Wichita, Kansas
Suzy passed away gently and peacefully at Hospice House with her loved ones by her side, loving her through her journey.
Suzy was born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Denver, Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado in Boulder.
In 1981, Suzy moved to Whatcom County to begin life with her beloved Pat Henderson, and to complete her Masters program at UBC. Both Suzy and Pat were therapists with Catholic Community Services until the mid 80’s when they began private practices in Mental Health Counseling.
Suz was a cherished therapist for many people over the years. Her deep empathy, wisdom, humor, and intelligence made a profound impact on her clients. In her presence, clients felt accepted and honored for who they were and where they were in their lives. Suz was faithful and devoted to the clients she served.
In 1996, Suzy and Pat adopted a daughter from China. Katy was adored by her “nanny”, who was for 24 years, an ever-present source of support and encouragement. Suzy was so proud of the woman Katy has become and the choices she has made in her life.  
Suz had a deep connection with the natural world, and trees in particular - which were for her, symbols of steadfastness and strength. In 2008, Suz and Pat bought a cabin in the Aeneas Valley in the Okanogan and spent many hours and days watching wild horses, roaming cattle, the magical night sky, the sun-filled days. This was a place and those were times when the world did not intrude and when time was filled with simplicity, peace and contentment.  
Suz loved many animals over the years - especially her Old English Sheepdogs who were single minded, determined, and clownish.  
Suz was a seeker of truth and had a deep spiritual core that she nourished with teachings from many faith traditions. She was, all in all, a good human and a good woman who respected this earthly journey and lived it with grace and authenticity. In so many ways, in every day, she will be deeply missed. And yet, everything she has given to us in her community, is now a part of who we are. Thank you Suzy, for sharing 39 wonderful years. 
An excerpt from on of Suz’s favorite Hafiz poems:
“This is the time for you to deeply compute the impossibility that there is anything but Grace. Now is the season to know that everything we do is sacred.” 
The family would appreciate any donations in Suzy’s name to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary https://www.wildmustangs.com

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by Kathy McNaughton on

Suz was one of my closest and dearest friends for 36 years, a true kindred spirit. Her friendship was a great source of acceptance, nurturance and constancy, and I will miss her deeply, always.

Submitted by Barbara Leeming on

Suzy was a light to me and to many, with her quiet wisdom, sincereity, amazing humor and intelligence.  Her greatest gift, however, was her deep love of all that was alive.   She saw beauty everywhere, and when injustice touched her heart she set about to right it.  I will miss her for as long as I live, and strive to be more like her every day.

Submitted by Rick Ackerman on

Suzy was as wonderful of a human being as anyone I have ever known.  I deeply loved her warmth, intelligence, integrity, affection, and her ability to laugh at herself and at everything humorous.  She inspired me with her sincerity in the stances she took.  Suzy felt like the sister I never had when we played and cared together, and I always felt totally safe when I was with her.  I know her family and friends and every one of her clients felt that also.  I could never get enough of the incredible sparkle and spirit I saw in her eyes, and I too will miss her greatly every day of my life.

Submitted by Lynda Spaulding on

Suzy was a good woman, a wise soul and healer. I will miss her compassion, her humor and understanding. May her reverence for and care of all sentient beings and nature live in each of us who were lucky enough to know her. Pat and Katy, you are in my prayers.

Submitted by Kathy Valenti on

This picture captures Suzy's fun loving nature.  She had an endearing way of poking fun at herself.    
I miss her and will light a candle for her at our Thanksgiving table.  

Submitted by Nadine Kaaland on

Suzy was a creative, warm and lovely person. I often referred to her so that clients could learn from her wisdom and experience her accetance. I hope that Pat and Katy feel some peace in knowing all the lives that she enriched.



Submitted by Jocelyn Seidenberg on

Suzy will always have a special place in my heart. I am filled with gratitude for her encouragement and willingness to be vulnerable. She is an exceptionally kind being and I am blessed to have known her. I wish her loved ones comfort and grace.

Submitted by Kathy Westover on

Suzy was one of the kiindest, funniest and most inspiring women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Her humility was often manifested in her own comments about her lack of comfort with modern technology and ardent disinterest in becoming comfortable with it.  When engaged with Suzy,  her genuineness, and empathy always created a feeling of warmth and caring.  She will be missed.  

My profound sympathy go to Pat and Katy.   

Submitted by Lisa Morton on

Suzy was a special woman.  Her wisdom, compassion, and humor touched my life over the years.  Her presence in my life will be greatly missed, but I will carry the lessons she taught and the gifts she gave.  She will never be far from my heart.

Submitted by Cathy DiBiagio on

About 45 years ago, I had the joy of working with Suzy at Camp TeAta, a Girl Scout residential camp in Harriman NY. She taught me to question "the party line,"  to listen with my heart, and to be patient with myself...all life altering concepts for a 17 year old. Although we have not been in touch for 40 years or so, I have thought of her with thanks and a smile throughout my adult life and know I am a better person for having had her in my life.  Manuel....Day is done, Gone the sun, From the hills, From the lake, From the skies, All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh. Sending my deepest sympathies to her family and friends.

Submitted by Deborah Jang on

Suzy and I met 50 years ago in a Swiss mountain village. She was one of the few people I knew when I moved to Denver, and she helped this town feel like home. We stayed in touch up until three years ago, sharing news of our lives and whereabouts. She was warm and smart and funny. I am thankful for our past connection, and I send condolences to her Pat and Katy. May her spirit live in and sustain you.

Submitted by Susy Hymas on

Suzy helped me in so many ways.  I was not aware of her passing until December.   She was a kind spirit and I am pleased to have known her evenif it was in a professional way. 

Submitted by Jan Jung on

I have never known anyone like Suzy and I doubt that I ever will.  I had the honor and privilege to be her colleague and close friend for more than thirty years. Suzy's spirit is graceful and strong, humble and persevering, steadfast and fun.  She was a brilliant therapist, loving partner, dedicated friend, and nurturing nanny. I will miss her every day with all my heart. 

Submitted by Theresa L Trebon on

Deborah, thank you for your note about Suzy. She mentioned this Swiss mountain village to me in one of our sessions and I would dearly love to know its name. It made a profound impact on me. If you wouldn't mind sharing it with me, I'd be most grateful. 


Thank you, 

Submitted by John and Michelle on

Suzy was a kindred spirit back at CCS forty or so years ago where her encouragement and laughter meant so much. Though we haven't seen her for so long, we felt her comradship in our common cause. She was such a good person and her loss, especially now, dims the light we need so badly. May her memory be a blessing.

Our condolences to Pat and Katy.

Submitted by Cindy Monger on

Suzy has left a profound mark on my life. Yet, I learned more about her in the obituary then I knew from over a decade of counseling with her. She focused on me and gave me so much. I am so grateful for her teachings. Thank you to her family for sharing her with the community. I will carry her in my head and my heart.

Submitted by Sarah on

Susie, a gifted therapist, led me to sobriety 15 years ago.  She left a priceless legacy for me and others.  I will always carry with me the image of Susie sitting across from me, reading glasses propped on her nose, listening openly.  I'll remember her funny, funny comments at just the right times.  I'll remember her patience and perseverance as I moved through denial.  I'll remember her wise and trustworthy words.  I'll forever be grateful for helping me change my life.  

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