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Richard Hansen

Thursday, April 10, 1947
Saturday, February 4, 2012
Seattle, Washington
Service Information: 
Celebration of Life golf tournament to be held on August 27th.

Dick Hansen passed away on Saturday, February 4th, 2012, at his home in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife Cathy, son Ryan, and longtime family friend Lana Worley, at his bedside. He was 64.

Dick was preceded in death by his parents Frederick and Isobel (Ruth) Hansen, sister Carolyn (Jean), and brother Don.
He is survived by his brother Steve (Karolyn) Hansen, sister Kathleen (Paul) Armstrong, cousins Sandra, Joanne, and Phyllis, nephews Bill Hansen (Ali), Bill Armstrong, Brian Haselton (Beca), Jeff Haselton, nieces Kerri Hansen, Jennifer (Larry) Fransson, Theresa (Ted) Mayer, and Susan (Stan) Lovetro. Dick also leaves behind many friends who miss him dearly.

Dick was born on April 10, 1947 in Seattle, Washington. He was the youngest of five children, and (by the stories he told on himself) probably a bit of a rascal. From early on he was a practical joker, much like his father. And his sister Kathleen reports that he was a constant tease. Growing up, Dick lived in Lakeridge, overlooking Lake Washington. According to his own accounts, he had a great childhood. There was much happy time spent with family including, but not limited to; picnics, days at the beach, basketball in the yard with his older brothers and sisters, camping, extended family gatherings, visits with cousins, and summer trips to Kalaloch. Dick also enjoyed attending school, and adventuring in the woods and lake with two very special friends, Steve and Eddie. (Oh, the great and hysterical tales we have heard—Cub Scouts, altar boys, grade-school talent shows, rocket-launching, boat-building, all-day boating expeditions to Fisherman’s Grotto for burgers, stowaways in brother Don’s car, just to name a few). Then too, there was the family dog Mort, with his special grin.

Dick attended Renton High School where he enjoyed his involvement in basketball, art club, intramural sports, and time spent with CRRR buddies. Here, also, were the beginnings of many friendships that would last his lifetime. Again so many more tales he shared—water-skiing, The Northwest Surfer, Bottle Beach, “Dead End Drags”, working at Sterling Oil, and much more.

After graduating in 1965, (no doubt, inspired by his father’s whimsical carved caricatures, concrete bowls, masks, and statues, and his Aunt Luella’s gifted and exquisite jewelry-making skills) Dick pursued further education and his passion for art, attending Burnley School of Art, and Highline Community College. He served in the US Air Force 1967-73. When he returned home he moved to Lake Samish (near Bellingham) where he lived with former high-school friends and continued to cultivate his creative talents taking classes in the Skagit Valley. He began spending more time with oils and acrylics, doing surrealistic paintings. He also began to expand his talents in jewelry-making. It was during this time that those friends introduced him to the girl who was to become his soul mate and life partner. Thinking back to the “lake house” there are so many memories—music, merriment, parties (after all we were in our early 20’s), parents day, going into Fairhaven to play pool (Dick with his own cue, which earned him the nickname “Stick”), moonlit walks down Roy Road, everything covered in snow, Trout and Geezer (the resident dog and cat).

In 1974 Dick began his boat-building career at Uniflite, working on Valiant sailboats, quickly developing carpentry skills. That year also brought a move to a house with forty acres near Everson. There Dick began vegetable gardening and honed his skills as a gentleman farmer, raising and “wrangling” cattle with his long-time friend (and then next-door neighbor) Bob Worley, and experimenting with the’ “one-month-wonder” leghorn chickens, who grew so fast and had deformed feet. Here, dog Kateri, and cat Slinker joined the menagerie. There were the Leo parties each summer and in July of 1977 Dick and Cathy were married on the “farm”—hay bales and Dick’s newly constructed wood bench swing for seating, a salmon/halibut barbeque, volleyball, and Swift Current playing for the dancing pleasure of family and friends.

Next, was the move to Wickersham, where Dick and Cathy bought their first home (a funky old farm house), again living next-door to best friends Lana and Bob. Here the annual Tacky Christmas parties began (Dick always having the best tacky outfit). In 1980 son Ryan was born, and Dick and Cathy entered a new phase of life—parenthood. Dick was as loving, devoted, and proud as a father could be. He was becoming an excellent wood-worker and built a beautiful crib for his new baby boy—complete with an incredible hand-carved Mother Goose and the cow jumping over the moon. Two years later Rita came along to proud parents Lana and Bob next-door. Those early years in Wickersham were filled with wonder, laughter, and joy as the children grew. Home and family became the focus--soccer games, basketball, bicycling, picnics, camping trips, and yearly summer treks to the Oregon Coast. After the loss of Kateri, Daisy dog joined the household, and when Lana, Bob, and Rita moved to Bellingham their barn cat Sadie came to stay. Eventually, the funky old house was transformed with his artist’s vision, varied skills, the help of 2 expert builders, pick-up crew (Ryan and Cathy), and eight months of “camping-out” on the living room couches. Dick had hundreds of hours into the beautiful finish carpentry. Over the years there were many good times and new friends. Daisy, Slinker, and Sadie passed on, and cat Squeak came. When Ryan made the high-school varsity golf team in his freshman year, Dick decided to pick up the clubs too, and the golf bug hooked him big time. From then on he rarely missed an opportunity to enjoy the game, traveling in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, and even to Canada and Mexico with his clubs.

After Cathy retired in 2005 it was time to downsize. Dick and Cathy found themselves back at Lake Samish, and although he had said “never again”, Dick found himself beginning to transform another house into a home with the reflection of his artist’s eye. Here again, this time with the help of his son, he planted a beautiful organic garden with vegetables and berries. In addition to the interests already mentioned, Dick enjoyed entertaining family, friends, and neighbors—always the congenial host. He also enjoyed watching Husky games, Gonzaga basketball, and golf, conferring with brother Steve (his fellow armchair sports critic) after nearly every event. Dick retired from his position as a production manager at Nordic Tug in 2009 as he began his 2 year 8 and one-half month cancer journey. He lived that journey with strength, courage, hope, and humor.

Throughout his life Dick valued his family and enjoyed time with them golfing, vacationing, and celebrating the holidays, taking great pleasure in family visits. He will always be lovingly remembered at these occasions.
In addition to being a loving and devoted husband, father, brother, and uncle, he was a cherished friend, practical joker, tremendous tease, avid golfer, imaginative artist, talented craftsman, ever consummate host and lover of nature, music, and art. We will hold him in our hearts with his art and wonderful memories of his wit, unique sense of humor, passion for life, sensitivity, generosity, and enormous loving heart.

In tribute to his love for the game, a golf tournament and celebration of his life are planned for August 27th. If you wish to be included you may leave a note at this website or contact the family. An e-mail will be sent to family and friends later in the spring with more details. Ryan and I also encourage you to share your favorite stories and memories in the guestbook.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Whatcom Hospice.

A huge thank you to Dr. William Hall, Dr. William Rubin, the wonderful nurses, techs, and staff at PeaceHealth Cancer Center—Radiation Therapy, PeaceHeath Infusion, and Whatcom Hospice for your superb care and generous support. Thank you also to Dick's caring and compassionate family physician Dr. Daniel Austin, and the other doctors, nurses, and staff at North Sound Family Medicine for your wonderful care over the years, and throughout his cancer journey. We wish to extend an enormous and very heart-felt thank you to our dear friend Lana for seeing us though the last five weeks. We send many hugs and much love to all of the family and many friends who have surrounded us with their loving support.

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by Robert Costello on

So sorry to about Dick. He was a good friend. We had many good time at Uniflite together and yes Dick was a good practical joker.Dick may your new jouney begin my friend, take care. Rob Costello

Submitted by bob johnson on

Though I only knew you for a few short years I always enjoyed the teasing and joking of your humor. Whether working on your kitchen or playing a round of golf, you were always a joy to be with. Go in peace and I will see you on the other side

Submitted by Jerry Mullin on

Dick, I enjoyed your friendship in highschool and even more as the years passed. I always looked forward each year as we got older to seeing you at our annual RHS65 reunion golf tournments. And you will be forever missed on the annual Boys w/Balls golf trips where you always made me laugh with your great laughter and constant kidding. May your drives be long and straight, may the wind always be at your back and the birdie putts always drop.

Submitted by Janet Needler on

We've shared some belly laughs--I've seen your mischievous side:) --NOW dear Dick go off to where your body has not deserted you and there is NO such thing as pain---where you're safe and your family/friends no longer spend all the time concerned with your health--NOW they can rejoice in their wonderful memories of which there are too many to list--Knowing you're at peace puts loved ones and friends also at peace--Yes, we ache because you're former body is gone BUT your spirit/soul/character will remain forever --Blessings to Cathy, Ryan,Worleys, and the multiples of people that were blessed by your presence--RIP--

Submitted by Janet Needler on

Dear Dick -- I forgot to ask:--- are there speed limits in heaven?? hot cars?? varoom :))))

Submitted by John Ritter on

Great photo of Dick. I met Dick & the gang at their Lake Samish house during those wild & wooly college days in Bellingham. I was friends with Bob & Lana, having met Bob through his Renton friend who I served in Viet Nam with. Dick was part of Bob's group and we had great, wierd times. I moved to a farm south of B'ham and visited Bob & Lana in Wickersham and Dick & Cathy next door. I remember most his generosity, letting me bring over bushels of Gravenstein apples and partying all evening while he juiced apples on his press. Delicios!

Submitted by Kathleen Hansen... on

My "Little Brother" Dick, I could not have wished for a better younger brother. You have alwasys been there for me. The sound of your laughter and gentle voice will be with me always. Your kindness and zest for life drew many true friends and a loving family to you. I have admired your passion and drive to challeng yourself in areas of art,golf,cooking and remoldeling. Everything you put your heart into had a quality outcome . You have taught me to follow my heart and live life with character and compassion.
You will forever be in my heart and by my side in spirit, until we meet again. I love you always and forever.
Your sister, Kathleen

Submitted by Your Big Brothe... on

Dear little brother. You've left me in quite a mess. Who's going to listen to my rant & raves about Romar's crappy coaching? Who's going to listen to my analysis of what's wrong with the Mariners ............ or why I think they should just dump Figgins and eat his contract. We had so much in common. It was unbeliveable how much we both knew what was wrong with sports in Seattle. What am I gonna do? We both had such intelligent insights on every aspect of what it takes to be a good coach. We knew sports better than anybody. Who's going to listen to me now?

Submitted by Bill Walters on

I met Dick through friends from my highschool (Rainier Beach) when we all enrolled at Highline College in the fall of 1965. What I remember most of all about Dick was his great sense of humor and his joy of a "good time". While we lost contact after Highline, I will always remember the good times we had in those two years while we were "studying". He always made me laugh. To Dick's family: I am very sorry for your loss and wish you all health and happiness in the future.

Submitted by Dennis Doolittle on

The world is a little poorer now but i am forever richer for having known Dick 'Bark' Hansen, o prince of pranksters. Hey ole man, i miss you.

ps. Yo it's over here, just behind this big tree!

Submitted by Lana Worley on

I send my heartfelt sympathies to Cathy, Ryan and all of Dick's family and friends. I spent over an hour yesterday writing about many of the misadventures I shared with Bob, Dick and Ms. Rogers, along with a roster of all the practical jokes Dick played on me over the last 47 years---they wouldn't print it for some reason, sooooo, I'll just say this: It was an honor knowing Dick and helping him transition onto the next phase of his journey. The hole in my heart is filling with warm, wonderful and hilarious memories. I miss my fellow-Dane and that gap-toothed grin but he lives on inside all of us. I'll never forget him as long as I live. Everyone, please take good care of yourselves and each other....Lana

Submitted by Jim Van Parys on

Dick and my Brother Rai Van Parys, who worked as a Marine Carpenter at Nordic Tug, had (5) outstanding years together. Rai talked about designers coming to the work site with changes drawn on a napkin. He and Dick would get together to "pull the rabbit out of the hat" to make the changes. I miss Dick. A very fine fellow. My heart felt condolences to all Family members.


Jim Van Parys

Submitted by Bill Lynch on

WE have lost a great buddy, golf partner, joke teller, prankster, craftsman, family guy, and, most of all, to me, friend. Have a cold one ready for me Dick. Love ya, Man. Cheezy

Submitted by Al Womac on

The Prince O' Pranksters he was. I miss your smile and very quick wit....bye for now.

Submitted by mike barber on

i first met Dick at Uniflite ,i making wood parts for the Valiant sail boats that Dick worked on,those were the days,working just as hard as we played,and after the Uniflite days keeping the friendship by doing dinners and partys at our old friends places as much as we could,Dick had a way with people,he realy shined at gatherings with that magnetic personality ,I send my most heartfelt sympathys to the family at this obvious tough time,Dick will surely be missed, Mike

Submitted by Margie Sawyer on

Although my heart goes out to Cathy and Ryan for their loss, my life's better and happier for knowing Dick these many years. He's one of the best, and it was a privilege calling him my friend.

Submitted by jim metzler on

I was introduced to Dick by his childhood friend Bob Worley. I played golf with him a few times. He loved the game and definetly, like the rest of us was challenged at times. The beer game review afterwards were enjoyed. He was very kind and would always try to make you comfortable, then he would start throwing barbs, alas, he was good natured.
The last time I saw him was at North Bellingham Golf Course. He had hit some great shots that day, some that one could'nt hit any better. He was only good for 9 that day, and I was continuing on, I turned to Bob Wren(sp) and said good playing with you and see you again, I turned to Dick and he said, you probably won't see me again. I was a little stunned, but Dick was wrong, I still see him,whenever his name is mentioned, standing on the noll above the 9th hole, smiling.
Peace to you and your family.

Submitted by mike colacarro on

I was a classmate in grade school with the Lakeridge kids...and after all these years I still have great memories of Dick....who could forget some of his antics which were always humorous and never aimed at anyone...just fun....after grade school it was Monday night religion classes for those of us in public schools...and I was always impressed with Dick's passion to play basketball at Renton High School. We tried to have a mini reunion a couple years ago with some of the usual suspects....we just missed having Dick join us....for which we are all too sorry now....a note to all....don't talk about these reunions....make them
happen ....everyone enjoys them...so for now we'll just have to wait til we all catch up with Dick...then we will all laugh again with him. All the best to his family and close friends.

Submitted by Gary Fournier a... on

Cathy and Ryan, what a wonderful, heartwarming, and cherished tribute you have written for our dear friend Dick. It is with heavy heart and love as we read and revisit his life, gifted talents, and wonderful memories. We are so grateful to have shared many of these delightful years with you. We miss him and our good times together immensely!
love you
gary and kathleen

Submitted by Garry Cline on

Dick made the world a better place. I'm glad I had the chance to work with him on the Nordic Tugs circa 1996-1998. He kept a smile on my face with his stories, especially about the tacky parties, and teasing Steve Gilbert. He was a top notch craftsman. He gave me a joke gift, a rotating fork for eating spaghetti, and I think of him with a laugh in my heart whenever I pick it up.

Submitted by Garry Cline on

Dennis, we had good times working on the Nordic Tugs with Dick. Because of you guys mechanics and woodworkers laughed together instead of cussing each other. Once I made Dick a teak golf ball and a teak tee. He put fake poop into one of the heads I was installing...

Submitted by Bob Worley on

Dick and I go all the way back to Dimmit Jr. High in Skyway (Renton, Wa.).
We have been best of friends ever since, especially in the Whatcom years. Dick, Cathy and Ryan are family to Lana, Rita and myself.
Our fun times, adventures and road trips are cherished memories. Our families lived in homes side by side for a good number of very enjoyable years.
Dick you are my brother, not through blood, but rather by love and shared time together. You always will be part of my game whether at Padden or NBGC. Enjoy your new adventure and I will see you on the other side. Love you man.

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