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Timothy Floyd

Tuesday, January 11, 1972
Friday, March 23, 2012
Monroe, WA
Service Information: 
Private services by family.

Timothy Floyd, age 40 of Bellingham, passed away on Friday, March 23rd near Bellingham.

Tim was the first-born son of Jon and Jean Floyd. He arrived 5 weeks late, with a full head of black hair, and let us know he would do things in his own style! He grew up near Echo Lake, loving the forest and lake, investigating every critter with his neighborhood friends. Thus began his love of nature! He and little brother Jared even built floatable contraptions to participate in the Echo Lake Regatta. He formed a lifelong brotherhood with buddies Nick and Sherred.

While attending Maltby Elementary, Jon coached Tim’s soccer team. He also played basketball. He played tennis for Monroe HS, skied, developed his art skills, and studied guitar. His greatest passion from the get-go, however, was all things with wheels: Hotwheels, BMX, motorcycles, and his first red VW Scirocco. Tim began coursework at WWU in 1990. His creative gifts expanded as he composed his first CD of instrumental music, produced in New York. He also acted in the Kevin Costner movie, “The Postman.” Tim’s need to create and construct led him to carpentry. He combined those skills with his love of children, and worked at Loving Space Preschool. He built several pieces of interactive equipment and joined the kids in their playful discovery.

In 2002, Tim moved to Lummi Island and continued his carpentry, building houses and remodeling. He also built a sea kayak. Hiking, biking, cycling, and kayaking immersed him in the beauty surrounding his island paradise. He hosted many bonfire celebrations with lots of laughter and ultimate frisbee tournaments. His friendships grew stronger.

In 2010, Tim and his sweet Jill moved into a 1918 craftsman home in Bellingham. He has taken great pride in restoring it. Tim has truly been his own person; reflective, gifted, creative, and a non-conformist for sure! Material things were insignificant. People were his treasures. Tim was charismatic, quirky, and hilarious!

Compassion for others was his strongest trait. He had deep relationships with family and friends, most especially God-children Raeann, Quin, Harper, and Leo. He looked forward to the special times he had with his grandparents and cousins in eastern WA during the summer and holidays. Grandpa Bill and Mimi, Grandma and Grandpa Bundy all have a special place in his heart.

Tim was to start classes at WWU this week, continuing his degree, perhaps in youth counseling. He was excited to begin a new phase of his life. Those twinkly brown eyes, mischievous smile, and his huge heart will always be in our hearts forever and ever. God speed, dearest Tim. This will be your most glorious journey.

Donations may be made to the Tim Floyd Memorial Fund, WECU Bellingham or a charity of your choice.

Guestbook Entries

Back in Tim's Echo Lake days, I lived just down the hill from him; before we started school at Maltby, he and I and my sister Cat played a lot together, and my mother Jean often babysat for him and Jared. Tim and I had long set out on our separate paths through life, but the news still quickly reached me and Don and Jean here in the Olympia area when he died. If the funeral service will be open to non-relatives, we (and Cat) would like to know.
Take care, all, and hang in there.

Submitted by Alanna(Lanie) G... on

I was Tim's neighbor at Echo Lake. I have fun, fond memories of Tim. We started and finished school together. I will always cherish the memories of playing baseball, football, riding our bikes around and making jumps to go off of. We both did go our seperate ways, but at reunions, it was like no time had gone by. You are part of my greatest memories, never to be forgotten! Lanie Frisk

Submitted by Gwen and Bonnie... on

We were next door neighbors with the Floyds. We have fond memories of Tim, especially his twinkling eyes and sense of humor.

Submitted by Joe and Ann Beaulieu on

Neighbors and Friends. The Floyds are the best neighbors AND friends. We are so sorry to hear of Tim's passing. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take good care and please, dwell upon the good times you shared.

Submitted by Catherine Morello on

I am so sorry to hear of Tim's death, my heart and tears are with your family. I too have many fond memories of the adventures Tim and I got into growing up at Echo Lake, and into high school and at Western together. All those summer days we spent in the lake and the woods led to a life long love of nature for both of us. He was a charismatic, truly creative soul, and will not be forgotten. -Cat (Cook)

I feel for the Floyds and was shocked to hear he had passed. He was a fun guy with a great sense of humor. I remember him from the teen years and did lose touch with him after but can still remember the smile and the excitment in his eyes when he was doing something he loved. My condolences to the family. Know that he will be in our hearts and minds forever.-Kathy

Submitted by Jill Danielsen on

I grew up with Tim in Echo Lake. I use to walk around the lake a lot and Tim would always be outside working on something. Or sometimes just throwing rocks into the woods. He always said my name with such emphasis like an annoyed brother would. I always found it kind of endearing. We use to ride the school bus together and he would never catch it on the first time around. I always imagined someone inside his household yelling out, "you're gonna be late!" Let the memories live on. Jill Danielsen

Submitted by Jim Thomas on

Had the privilege of meeting Tim two years ago and instantly liked him. His sense of humor was so quick and witty. He thought I was pretty funny too which is probably why I liked him so much. He is an amazing person and will be deeply missed by all. Our prayers go out to Jill and all Tim's family.

Submitted by Judy & Bill Ingerson on

What a shock to hear of Tim's death. Our prayers go out to all his loved ones left behind. We will never forget him. Judy & Bill Ingerson

Submitted by Kevin Sullivan on

So sorry to hear about the loss of Tim. Remember him well from my high school days, will keep his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

Submitted by Dean & Marilyn Segle on

We were very shocked to hear of Tim's death. He grew up with Sherred (my son) and Nick. It was always the three of them through middle school and high school. They were brothers. We will always remember him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I too will remember the twinkle of mischief in his eyes. Always wondered what they were up too. Marilyn & Dean Segle.

Submitted by Terry Timm Moos on

Dear Jeanne, Jon and Family -
I am so very sorry about Tim. I never got the privilege of meeting him, but I loved reading about him just now. I can just picture him playing his music, trying out for acting auditions, designing and building very cool houses, making the world a little better, and creating wonderful friendships every where he went. What a terrible loss for all of us. My heart goes out to you, and I hope memories of your outstanding guy will bring you comfort.

Submitted by Roberta (Furst) Wolf on

I remember Tim from high school, although i was a couple of years older. I distinctly remember when I'd finally put two and two together and realized he was the son of Mr. Floyd (one of my junior high teachers). My first thought was that he was a dead ringer for his dad, especially with those twinkling eyes and a little smile like he was keeping a secret. A very nice guy (both of them).

My deepest condolences for your loss, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Most sincerely,

Roberta Wolf

Submitted by Dottie Simoni on

Dear Jean, Jon, Jared and Family -
We are so sorry to learn of Tim's passing. Tim was a special, creative, and talented young man, and he will be missed by all who knew him. He lived life on his own terms, and we loved hearing the stories of Jon's adventures with Tim. Cherish your times and memories spent with your precious boy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bob and Dottie Simoni

Submitted by Andy Frisk on

Jon, Jean, Jared and Family- I grew up as the Floyd's neighbor in Echo Lake. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Tim. I will always remember Tim for the VW Scirocco, probably why I had 2 VW's. He will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with you. If the funeral service will be open to non-relatives, my sister (Lanie) and I would like to know.
Deepest Sympthies
Andy Frisk

Submitted by Hiram Reyla on

I'm so sorry to hear about Tim, growing up in the same neighborhood haveing his father for a teacher (twice). You should be proud to have raised a son that was a great person. Rest in peace my friend.

Submitted by jason solsvik on

Wow, reading over all the great messages written by so many maltby friend's who new the floyd's bring's great fond memorie's. I had Mr. Floyd as a teacher in 6th grade when I moved to maltby, He treated me like a student he new from year's past. Tim floyd was two classes behind me but we all new who he was since his dad was one of our teacher's. Tim was very easy to get along with he was funny at times yet very emotional as well, he was someone who made a difference. My condolences go out to the Floyd family, I'm very sorry for your loss for Tim was a great man.

Submitted by michaela bettis on

All i can think is that your in a better place now. I hope you know that i will miss you and think about you often. I love you, you were like a dad when he wasn't around I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you. I won't forget that you were the one that told me i could do anything I wanted in my life, but i never had a reason to do most the things, but now I do I will do them for you. I will always love you.

Submitted by michaela bettis on

My one wish is to bring you back!I I never got to to tell u that I thought of you as a dad and that I miss you! Love you!!!!

Submitted by David Young on

Tim was (is) a great friend. I got to know Tim when I still lived on the island. We played music together quite a bit for a while. He was a great guitarist and had his own unique style which was really fun to jam with on drums. We all had a lot of great times at the yurt, hanging out, playing music, talking about motorcycles, riding motorcycles. I will really miss Tim.

Submitted by Janelle Wilton on

Life is fuller with memories of Tim in it. Since Sherred (my brother), Nick and Tim were always together getting into various mischief, I saw Tim a lot in my younger years. Every girl I knew had a crush on him and his charismatic style. Although he sported the capazios and cartigans, he was kind and compassionate even to a friends younger sister, sometimes driving me home from school in that coveted scirocco. One of Tim's greatest gifts was his ability to SEE people. When he was talking and looking at you he was interested and peering into your soul. Although he was brilliant and had many significant talents, his ability to connect with people on the human level was one of his greatest. He was kind, full of life in his years and definitely had his own way of living it. It's a lesson for us about existence. He lived much, he loved much and the world is a much better place, him having been in it.
Janelle (Ossinger) Wilton

Submitted by David Bailey on

Tim built my deck out here on Lummi Island. I remember meeting Tim 8 years ago when he showed up to work and it was snowing. I wasn't to sure about this guy with long braided pig tails? He wasn't very fast at building my deck, it had to be flawlessly perfect or he wasn't happy with his work! When he was finished it turned out very nice and still is today! It could be in Sunset or Better Homes & Garden's magazine. He has a group of friends here on the island that got together to morn the loss of their friend when they heard about what happened and they had a Bon Fire that was so big our volunteer fire department was called and they were told to put it out. R.I.P.

Submitted by Kaye and David ... on

Jeanne, John, Jared, and family of Tim,
You are in our thoughts these days as you deal with the loss of Tim and as you celebrate his life. May you be lifted up in spirit by the continuous outpouring of Tim's friends who describe such a wonderful, loving, caring son and brother. Rest in the knowledge of your guidance and parenting allowing Tim to be that person with the ability to live life on his terms and to find happiness and joy while making others feel special.
Kaye and David

Submitted by Kaye and David ... on

Jeanne, John, Jared, and family of Tim,
You are in our thoughts these days as you deal with the loss of Tim and as you celebrate his life. May you be lifted up in spirit by the continuous outpouring of Tim's friends who describe such a wonderful, loving, caring son and brother. Rest in the knowledge of your guidance and parenting allowing Tim to be that person with the ability to live life on his terms and to find happiness and joy while making others feel special.
Kaye and David

Submitted by Jeff Ottmar on

Tim's dad (John) and my dad (Neal) were best friends growing up in Harrington, WA. They both ended up living on the west side of the state north of Seattle where I grew up and as such would see the Floyd family a couple of times a year. Tim was a couple of years younger than me but I very much enjoyed spending time with him. One of the last times I saw Tim was when I was about 15 and he was 13 and we travelled with our dads to Harrington for what was probably their 20 year HS reunion. Tim and I entered a fun run that the town was hosting the morning of the reunion and ran together the whole way. We were well ahead of any of the other teenagers and spent part of the last mile of the race trying to decide how we'd finish. I knew he could beat me if he wanted but he suggested that we finish at the same time and share the honors and so it was agreed. Unfortunately, we didn't account for the late kick of a couple of "local boys" who caught up to us with maybe a hundred yards to go. As they were getting ready to overtake us, Tim looked back at me and between my wheezes, I gave him the wave to sprint for it. I believe he ended up winning while I finished fourth and ribbon-less, but I remember being very happy for him as he was an easy person to wish the best for. I know that he will be sorely missed by all those that cared for him. -Jeff Ottmar

Submitted by Mary Walsh on

Your son's spirit will live on through everyone he's touch. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this very difficult time.

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

I am one of the many from Maltby who had Mr. Floyd as a teacher who moved up with us from elementary to junior high. He is an amazing man and you could tell he had a good relationship with Tim. I often wondered if it was difficult growing up with a dad as a teacher and everyone knowing who you were. I knew Tim from riding the school bus and also riding bikes around the neighborhood. He was two years younger than I, and three years older than my sister, so neither of us were close to him. He seemed larger than life yet quiet at the same time.

It is always a shock to hear of someone so young leaving our world. It causes me to be reminded of the value of life and family and love. Words can't begin to comfort those who remain. My prayers are with the Floyd family and the loved ones and many friends Tim left behind. The ripples of the effect of his life are clear in reading everyone's memories of Tim. It's been 25 years since I last saw him but it seems like yesterday.

I pray that the memory of Tim and his lesson of love will live on for the rest of our lives.

Submitted by Arlo Emerson on

Tim was my friend...
and I am sad and shocked to hear he is gone. Tim was so funny, his wit so sharp. We had many good times together and I will never forget him.

Arlo Emerson

Submitted by Megan Swanson on

What a beautifully written memory. My thoughts and prayers are with Jean, Jon, Jared, and family.

Submitted by Alonna Chatburn... on

In 1978 Tim was is the first grade! A wonderful boy! Wanting to know everything and performing it well - - a typical responsible oldest child. His smiles were so important to me, rather quiet then he was, so his smiles were the key. I was the lucky one - to be his teacher. Later, Jared was in my class, too. I taught at Maltby with Jon and know Jeanne from Monroe School District activities. I am so sorry that Tim is gone - but he will always stay in our hearts. I know your pain must be unbearable Jon and Jeanne. Our love goes out to you. Tim lived a full and loving life. Please let us know if there is a public memorial. We love you all. Alonna and Gordon.

Submitted by Dotttie Phillips on

I remember growing up with Tim. From my first soccer team (Jon coached) to one of my first grade school crushes to his creative style in high school. I always saw Tim as someone who was not afraid to express himself creatively. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd...I am truly sorry for your loss. Although high school days are my last memories of your son, he will always be remembered by so many he made an impact on, including me. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read about how his life turned out and it seems to me he lived a very fulfilling life. You must be very proud. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Jared at this time.
Dottie Phillips

Submitted by Pete Koehler on

My sincerest condolences to the Floyd family for Tim's passing. Going to school with Tim, and being a student of Jon's made an indellible impression of good memories that I'm sure others have as well. Tim was a great guy that was surely a result of great parents.

Submitted by Friend on

“Death looms large I guess because it should. It’s the one thing that we as human beings from birth have a right to. It’s the only thing we’ve really got, and I don’t mean to sound bleak about this, but it’s a unifying factor amongst us all.”
― Nick Cave

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